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What Is TTY Mode? Why Should I Use It

TTY Mode TTY Mode stands for teletypewriter which is the device that is best used by the impaired, deaf, or those who have issues with their hearing. This device is best designed in the initial form for phones of landline. In today’s era, they are

What is the Question to Answer 42 [Explained]

Do you want to know the answer to the Ultimate Question of life, the Universe and Everything? Yes, it is number 42. Number 42 is known as the Ultimate Answer to the Question of life, the Universe and Everything related to it. Still, people want

What is the Difference Between Linux Distributions

The world of Linux is vast. There are so many Linux distributions in the market. As of today, there are over 650+ Linux distributions. Out of these, over 500 have an active support and are in development. Now you have an idea how the world Linux varies. That’s why I am here to explain the difference between these Linux distributions

What is System Haptics Meaning? Wiki Guide

System Haptics: Have you ever used a touch screen phone or tablet? If so, you have experienced system haptics. Haptics is the science of touch, a technology that makes your Devices shake or vibrate, it is a relatively new technology that is used to create

What is Network Topology? Types And Classifications

The primary key to determining the performance of a network itis’s topology or configuration.  The way arrangement of the network is the topology; it involves a logical or physical explanation of how nodes and connections are being arranged with each other. All Over, the performance