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What is a Pollen Count

The pollen count is the number taken as the measurement of grains. It is measured in a cubic meter of the air. If the high counts of pollen are taken, then it sometimes can result in the rates of the high levels of allergic reactions for the disorders of allergic forms.

Such counts are actual for the announcement of plants in specific formation about the olive, ash, or the grass. These have been taken for the common plants tailoring and are in measurement for the areas. An increase in pollen counts begins when the weather is of mild winter along with warm days of it.

In the country of the United Kingdom, the announcement of public formation took the pollen count as by the popular Dr. William Frankland, who is an immunologist.

Various studies related to Pollen Count

Dr, William Frankland brought out various understanding of the pollen count. The research for the count taken as a delayed form, afterwards which resulted as the plants of specific types. A similar kind of research was brought by Leonard Bielory.

He is an M.D. who gave the presentation to the American College of Allergy that changes of climate are of the great expectation and it gives to the causing of the pollen counts to the great extension of more doubling of it to the time of 2040.

pollen count


Methods for measuring of Pollen Count

One of the methods was taken with the sample by the use of silicone which was with the cover of grease of the rod. It was in the rotation to the air for the collection of the pollen.

The rotation was in periodical form at the time of it. The total time that it covered was of about 24 hours of that one day. Afterwards, the rod was removed, and then it was taken to the lab and the analysis of it was done with the concentration of that pollen.

The other method which is for the measuring of pollen count is through the use of Burkard Trap. It is also called a seven day of volumetric spore trap. The working of this device is by the face of it which is towards the airside and it draws there through the help of a pump.

The trapping of it through the use of a sticky wax and is attached to the drum of rotating form. It rotates in a slow way over the side of course for the time limit of seven days in a continuous form by collecting of the particles. Afterwards, the tape from it is removed after the seven days and is cut in the length of various sections from it.

Pollen Count- a different structure

If we discuss it in a technical form, then they are the male reproductive bodies of plants. The size of them is much smaller. They give the fertilization to the female parts. The grains of microscopic forms are taken from the plant to the other plants by insects, wind water, and through the gravity.

It is to the result that the sensitive particular type of pollen takes to the measure of about 20 grams per cubic meter. The pollen counts which are less than the 50 of it are taken as low category forms. When it takes to the reach of 1,000 or even more than of it, the consideration level becomes higher.

As per the research of the engineer named Walter Jinnoti, he gave a result of the system for the determination of the pollen count of exact measurement within the time limit of 20 minutes.

This was much faster than the earlier methods which were taken at that time. The data which we provided was of warning that the hay fever can occur giving the most sufferings at that time.

Pollen Allergy

Although talking about the affecting formation of pollen, the most is the allergy that forms from it. This is much in effect in the country of the United States.

When people breathe in pollen it gives a quick response to the immune system of them. It is, therefore, necessary to keep ourselves healthy which will help us from not getting affected by such issues.

Wrapping Up

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