How To Edit PDF In Word – Step by Step Guide

Thinking, how to edit PDF in Word!

In case you have a pdf, and you want to modify it or make specific changes in it. So for a fact assuming that you have a pdf file ready and you want to edit it and can not do it directly, MS word is the easiest and convenient way to do the task.

You might select the option of editing for using the same base pdf again and again for multiple times for multiple purposes or maybe using it once only for proofreading or anything like that.

How To Edit PDF In Word – Complete Steps

Now to edit your pdf most conveniently and quickly using MS word all you have to do is, firstly :

Step 1:

Open the pdf file you want to edit, if in case it is on your desktop, then click on it and open it or if it is inside somewhere go to it and click on it. After that, if you try n edit it, you will find out that you are not able to edit it neither you can type anything.

Step 2:

If you use MS Word, the whole task is straightforward for you, so open MS word; any version. On the home screen, you will see the documents you opened recently, and that is where the pdf you want to edit will appear, and if you directly open word, then you gotta go to ‘open’ and then search for your file and then open it.

Step 3:

Drag and drop the file over the word. When you do it a dialogue box appears that says if you do the particular job, it will convert your pdf into a word document. Which indirectly means you can edit the individual file then.

Step 4:

In case you want to convert your pdf to a word document and you have tried n number of apps, software, asked people how to do it and you are just not able to do it. This is another, and the easiest way to do the job, only by dragging and drop.

The ping an individual document from your computer or say your device to the word (preferred latest version) and the file easily gets converted into a word document. Then you can save it as it is, and it will save up a lot of effort and make your task very easy.

Additional Guide:

Though here the case is to edit the file, so seeing through it further:

It might not look like the exact pdf in word, especially if it had a lot of graphics, but it is outstanding. Just click on Ok and go further, the pdf will open in word in the form of a Word document, and then you can edit it however you want.

This is how easy it is to edit a pdf.

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