How To Find Hardware ID in Windows

Sometimes you need to locate the hardware ID to resolved some issues such as if you use to some command line to enable or disable any device on your computer. You need a  device ID pattern.

In this article, we demonstrate how you can easily found and kind of hardware ID on your computer without wasting your time.

Locate Device ID, Patten, In Windows

Follow the given below guides to locate hardware ID’s on your computer.

Step 1 : 

Go to Control Panel and open Device Manager.

windows device manger 

Step 2 : 

Now choose the device of which you want hardware ID. Example: Bluetooth.

Step 3 : 

Right-click on Bluetooth and select “Properties”.

bluetooth device properties


Step 4 : 

Move to Details tab, and go to Value is the Hardware ID of the device.

Hardware ID of device windows