3 Ways to Uninstall Anaconda on Mac

Uninstall Anaconda: If you have done the installation of Anaconda on the Mac and have worked on it and no longer needed it, then you can now uninstall it for freeing up space. It will also do the prevention of the possibility that it will conflict with any other thing in Mac.

Here in this article, we will go through the uninstallation of the Anaconda on Mac.

Firstly, here is some of the information on Uninstall Anaconda.

What is Anaconda?

You must have heard about machine learning as well as artificial intelligence. Both of them rely on the analysis of various amounts of data, and it is performed by writing the custom code in the language of scripting, which is python.

Anaconda is an actual distribution which runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It gives the allowance for downloading of various packages of Python data science. You can also use of it for analysis of complex data and building various machine models by the use of Python.

Anaconda is the open-source data package of science with a community of more than 6 million users. It is easy for downloading and install.

Uninstall Anaconda

Uninstallation of Anaconda

As there are various ways for the uninstallation of Anaconda. There are also many tools available for performing it. You can uninstall it either through the navigator or through the terminal. It is also necessary to remove the associated files of it as it will not affect the device with its tools after proper uninstallation.

Follow the given methods for it:-

Method 1

Uninstall Anaconda on Mac through Terminal

Step 1

Firstly, visit the Applications and then open the Utilities and launch Terminal.

Step 2

Now type there conda install anaconda-clean and then click on the Return button.

Step 3

After that, type anaconda-clean-yes.

Step 4

For complete removal, open the application of Terminal or iTerm terminal.

Step 5

Then remove the whole directory of Anaconda. It has the name of anaconda2 or anaconda3 by entering there rm -rf ~/anaconda3.

Step 6

Now by the use of Anaconda-clean, perform the full cleaning of the Uninstall Anaconda.

Uninstall Anaconda from MacOS

Step 1

Firstly, open the terminal and then do the removal of the whole directory of Anaconda. It will have the name as anaconda2 or anaconda3 through entering the given command-

rm -rf ~ /anaconda3.

Step 2

For uninstallation in the entire form, open the terminal window and then the command of rm -rf /anaconda Edit ~/.bash_profile which will do the removal of the Anaconda directory from the path of the environment variable. You may have to edit there.bashrc and/or.profile files other than the .bash_profile.

Step 3

Also remove the hidden files as well as directories that may have been created in the location of directory:.condarc.

Method 2: Uninstall Anaconda Via Navigator

Step 1

Firstly, quit the Anaconda application and then go through with the command of

Activity ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda-navigator.com

As anaconda never starts with P as its name is like Python with the bits of it.

Step 2

Going through with the command, you can perform the uninstallation of it.

Uninstall Anaconda Using Navigator

Step 1

Firstly, run the command of configs: conda install anaconda-clean anaconda-clean and simple remove

It is to be noted that Anaconda-Clean should be run before the simple remove.

Step 2

You can also perform the installation of the Anaconda-Clean package from the Anaconda Prompt.

Step 3

For removing all of the related files of Anaconda, you can delete each one of them by following the command of anaconda-clean.

Uninstall Anaconda on Mac

Step 1

Firstly, open the terminal and then perform the removal of the entire directory of Anaconda. It will appear as the name of anaconda2, or anaconda3 through entering there Uninstall Anaconda Manually. Then also quit the anaconda app.

Step 2

Now open the Activity Monitor app and then in the tab of Monitor check there whether there are the processes of Anaconda that run in the background.

Step 3

If you find them, then use the Force Quit Remove the Anaconda app from the folder of Applications.

Uninstall Anaconda 3 from MacOS

Step 1

In the anaconda3 go with the command of rm -rf ~/ anaconda3.

Step 2

Now you have to remove the folder of backup.

By the use of Home windows uninstaller, you can perform the eliminating of the Anaconda. By the Data file Explorer, you can go to the house listing and can do the deleting of the Anaconda as well as the web directories that are related to it.

Method 3: Use a Third-party App or Cleaner

For the uninstallation by the Third-party app, you can go for CleanMyMac X. It is available on its website. They also provide a trial version of it.

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, do downloading of the CleanMyMac X on your system.

Step 2

Then follow the given instructions on your screen. After that, do double-click on the icon of it in the folder of Applications for launching.

Step 3

Do the selection of the Uninstaller module in the given sidebar on the left side of the given window.

Step 4

Do the locating of the Anaconda in the given list of applications on the right side and then click on the box which is located next to it. You also have to check the boxes that are next to the files that are associated with Linguist, Anaconda: Assistant, Designer, qml, and qdbusviewer.

Step 5

Then click on the Uninstall button.

Step 6

Now you can check there in your system if any of the files related to Anaconda are saved or are uninstalled.

As if you want to install it further, at any time, then here we mention the installation of it on Mac.

Again Re-Installation of Anaconda on Mac

You can install the Anaconda either by the use of a graphical installer or through the command line.

Perform the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, do the downloading of the graphical macOS installer for the version of Python.

Step 2

Do double click on the downloaded file and then click on the continue button for starting of the installation.

Step 3

Now you have to answer the available prompts that appear on the screen. They are Introduction, License screens, and Read Me to Uninstall Anaconda.

Step 4

Then click on the Install button for the installation of the Anaconda in the ~/opt directory.

Step 5

You can either go for the Change Install Location button for the installation in a different location.

Step 6

Then on the screen of Destination Select, do the selection of the Install for me only.

Step 7

Then click on the Continue button to Uninstall Anaconda.

Step 8

Now perform the verification of the installation.

Final Words

Here we discussed how you can Uninstall Anaconda on Mac. Along with this, we have seen how you can afterward install Anaconda in your system. Give a read to this topic and also go for more.

Is it possible to uninstall Anaconda and Jupyter at the same time?

In the control panel, uninstalling anaconda does not remove jupyter. Attempting to uninstall it from Anaconda Navigator does not work either.

Where can I find out if I have Anaconda installed?

You can test your installation by running the command conda list from the Anaconda Prompt or Terminal window. Packages will appear if your installation was successful.

What is the location of Anaconda on Mac?

Visit the Mac terminal and type Conda info to find out whether Anaconda is installed on your system.

What is the difference between a conda and an anaconda?

Package manager Conda manages software packages. By handling the installation, updating, and removing of your various packages, it helps you keep track of them.

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