Pair Firestick Remote: How-To Steps

Pair FireStick Remote – In many homes, video streaming devices have become popular due to the growing popularity of video on demand.

Although they’re familiar, it doesn’t guarantee that people know all of their ins and outs. A great example is Amazon’s Firestick. Even simple USBs and remotes can be challenging for some people; even pairing them can be confusing.

As well as discussing how to pair Firestick Remote with the Firestick, we will talk about the different features of the Firestick in this article. Using this guide will help you do just that if you want to maximize the performance of your streaming video player.

What is Amazon Firestick?

Firestick is Amazon’s entry into the digital streaming market, as the name implies. The company’s answer to Apple TV and Roku was first released as the Fire TV in April 2014. In addition to video streaming, the original Fire TV also included a video game called Sev Zero, which was free.

Amazon released the pair of Amazon Firestick Remotes in November of that same year. There were two versions of the remote included with the system – one with Alexa capabilities and a standard non-voice-controlled remote. Both were designed to plug into any HDMI port on modern television.

As of October 2020, the latest versions of the pair Amazon Firestick Remote product line will be released. In October 2018, a different version of the pair Amazon Firestick Remote 4K was aptly named pair Amazon Firestick Remote 4K.

pair firestick remote

How To Setup Amazon FireStick on Home / Office

Before pairing your Amazon Firestick remote, you’ll need to set up your Amazon Firestick. These steps can be followed quickly to accomplish this:

Things Required: 

TVs with an HDMI port – Today’s hard to find a TV set without an HDMI port. Since 2012, UHD is standard. As long as you bought it within the past five years, you should be okay.

 For your remote, you will need AAA batteries.

A Wi-Fi internet connection is required since the Amazon Firestick does not have an Ethernet port.

Registration with an Amazon Account is required for the Firestick. You do not need a premium subscription, as a free account is sufficient. Create an account on Amazon’s signup page if you do not already have one.

The setup of the pair of Amazon Firestick Remote is as follows:

1. Your TV’s HDMI port should accept an Amazon pair Amazon Firestick Remote. Keep a note of the port number.

2. If the Firestick USB isn’t located where you want it or the HDMI cable isn’t long enough, you can use the HDMI extension cable included in the kit.

3. Take a USB power cable with you. You charge your Firestick USB by plugging one end of the line into the micro-USB port on the side.

4. Connect the adapter to the outlet, then plug in the other end of the USB cable.

5. The Amazon Firestick Remote needs two AAA batteries to operate. Pairing your Firestick USB and remote should take place automatically. You can proceed to the appropriate section below if you do not want to pair a new remote.

6. Connect the Firestick to the HDMI port on your TV and set the video input to it. To set information to HDMI1, set the Firestick on port HDMI1.

Depending on the model of your TV, this may be different. You can usually find the input controls on your TV’s remote.

7. Obtain a Wi-Fi connection for your Firestick. The steps for each step are detailed below.

8. You need to register your Amazon pair Amazon Firestick Remote. Follow the instructions onscreen, or see below for the steps. It should now be possible for you to use the Amazon Firestick.

pair firestick with phone

Control FireStick TV with a Non-Pair firestick Remote

If you own a remote that is not an Amazon Firestick, you can control your TV with it.

 However, not all remotes will support the Firestick’s various features. Additionally, you must ensure that the remote is compatible. Otherwise, the Firestick will not recognize it.

The pair Amazon Firestick Remote recognizes these Bluetooth profiles. Otherwise:

The A2DP standard allows for advanced audio distribution of audio.

Device profiling for human-machine interfaces – HID

An SPP identifies a serial port.

You can discover the profile of your remote by consulting the manual that comes with it. If you know that the non-Amazon small works with the pair Amazon Firestick Remote, you can pair it as follows:

1. Keep your Bluetooth remote 10 feet away from the TV, and make sure it has batteries.

2. Go to the Settings menu on your pair Amazon Firestick Remote.

3. Select the Bluetooth device and controllers you would like to use.

4. Bluetooth devices other than your phone can be selected.

5. Click on Add Bluetooth Devices in the menu.

6. A nearby Bluetooth device will be detected and paired with Amazon pair Amazon Firestick Remote.

7. Pick a name from the list for your remote.

8. Once paired with a Bluetooth remote, a short notification will appear on the pair Amazon Firestick Remote.

how to pair a firestick remote

Control the Firestick via a Smartphone

Using the app is another way to use a remote if you do not have a replacement remote. It may not be as convenient as an actual small, but it gets the job done.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively, for iOS and Android. The steps for connecting your pair Amazon Firestick Remote to your mobile device are as follows:

1. Get the app for your mobile device to enjoy Amazon Fire TV.

2. Your mobile device and pair Amazon Firestick Remote should be connected to the same wireless network. Fire TV is now open.

3. You must enter your Amazon username and password. The pair Amazon Firestick Remote apps can be selected on the app.

4. Turn on your television. Ensure that the HDMI port is set to the FireTV Stick USB.

5. The screen will display a code for requesting a connection. Your app should have this code.

6. Connect your pair of Amazon Firestick Remote devices to the app by waiting for it to establish a connection.

7. Pair Amazon Firestick Remote remote can now be controlled using your mobile device.

20 Remote Firesticks Troubleshooting Tips

Use these quick troubleshooting tips to fix your pair of Amazon Firestick remote if you’re having problems using it.

1. Failed to connect to remote

2. Make sure there are no obstructions between your Fire TV remote receiver and your remote.

3. The batteries should be removed, waited for one minute, then reinserted.

4. New batteries should be installed.

5. Plugin your pair Amazon Firestick Remote USB adapter after unplugging it for one minute.

6. You will need to reset the remote to work again.

7. Your remote may need to be serviced or replaced if these steps do not work.

8. Pair Amazon Firestick Remote and remote fail to pair.

how to install third party app on smart tv

9. If you are pairing the pair Amazon Firestick Remote, you must be within ten feet of it.

10. Make sure the batteries are new in the remote control.

11. Connect the pair of Amazon Firestick Remote adapters after one minute and then unplug it.

12. Your remote can be paired using the app.

13. Remove one peripheral, such as a game controller or an extra remote, if you have paired seven of them already.

14. This may mean that you need to replace your remote if the first two steps fail.

15. It’s not possible to pair Amazon Firestick Remote with the Fire TV app.

16. Connect the pair Amazon Firestick Remote and your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network before beginning.

17. If another device is mirroring your pair Amazon Firestick Remote, that needs to be disabled. It will prevent the Firestick from pairing with your current device.

18. Make sure that Multicast is enabled in your router’s Advanced Settings.

19. For Amazon pair, Amazon Firestick Remotes with static IP addresses, set the setting to automatic IP when you assign it manually.

20. The pair Amazon Firestick Remote should only be connected to seven peripheral devices. Remove one machine and try pairing it again if there are multiples.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the pair firestick remote with complete information.

How do I pair my unresponsive Fire Stick remote?

For “10 seconds,” hold the “Home” button on the remote. In the event that the remote becomes unpaired, this should reconnect it to the TV. Remove your gadget from the outlet and try again using the remote. Reset the remote after turning off the television.

How do I pair a new Fire Stick remote without the old one?

In order to pair the new firestick remote with the old one, you need to follow these steps. 1. Select Settings from the Fire TV menu. 2. Choose from a variety of controllers and Bluetooth devices. 3. Choose from a variety of game controllers. 4. Choose to Add a new gaming controller to your collection.
Turn on the pairing mode on your controller. 5. The name of your controller will appear on the screen once your Fire TV Stick has found it.

How do you reset a Fire Stick remote?

In order to reset Fire Stick Remote you need to follow these steps. 1. Wait 60 seconds after unplugging your Fire TV. 2.Press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons all at the same time. 3. Wait 5 seconds after releasing the buttons. 4. Your remote’s batteries should be removed. 5. Wait 60 seconds after plugging in your Fire TV. 6. Replace the batteries in your remote control.

Final Words

The entertainment industry had changed considerably since the early days when television networks dictated schedules. Amazon pair Amazon Firestick Remote offers a wide variety of VOD programming, so you can watch what you want whenever you want.

You will access to pair Amazon Firestick remote and its features once you have paired it with the Firestick. The information in this guide should have given you the information you need.

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