How To Retrieve Windows 10 Product Key

So you’re looking for some method or solution on how to retrieve windows 10 product key. Microsoft has made every effort to make Windows 10 licence convenient for its customers. It doesn’t matter if you upgrade to windows 10 or transfer your Windows 10 licence to your new laptop or PC. The key factor in all these processes is Microsoft Product Key to access premium features and depending on how you acquired Windows 10.

How To Find Windows 10 Product Key

Here we guide you with methods that help you out to locate your Windows 10 product key without having a hassle.

So let, start with What is Windows 10 licence or product key? technically, Microsoft Product Key is a 25 digit code that used to activate Windows.  It is also used to verify that Windows hasn’t been used to other PC or computers and follows the Microsoft Software License terms and conditions.  Mostly, the Windows 10 activities automatically using a digital licence and don’t require a product key.

There are two official authorized online merchants from where you can purchase Windows 10 digital copy without being conned. These two stores are Microsoft and Amazon and any other retailer who sells windows 10 product key is might not be genuine. Make sure you only purchase Windows 10 for your laptop form Microsoft or Amazon.

Recover Windows 10 Product Key From Microsoft Account

If you’ve purchased Windows 10 from Microsoft offline or online merchant. Then you can easily find a copy of the product key in your Microsoft Account. Most importantly, when you’ve buy windows 10 through Microsoft you received a digital copy of the product key via email. So there are two ways to find the product key in Microsoft you can check your mail inbox or else follow these steps.

  • Visit the Microsoft Store.
  • Login into Microsoft account using your login credentials.
  •  Navigate to Microsoft Store > Downloads > Product Keys > Subscription Page.
  • Now click on the digital content tab to see your Windows 10 Product Key.

locate windows 10 product key

Recover Windows 10 Product Key From Amazon

Amazon customers can retrieve Windows 10 Product Key from their Amazon account. Follow these steps by step instructions.

  • Visit from the web browser
  • Login into your Amazon Account ( Sign-in into the account from which you purchased the Windows).
  • Now visit the “Your Games & Software Library “section.
  • Under the breath of heading or web page, you find the Windows Product Key.

Windows 10 Product Key In Amazon

How To Transfer Windows 10 Pro Pack To A New Computer

If you’ve purchased Windows 10 Pro Pack through easy upgrade option in Windows 10. In this case, you don’t receive the Windows product key. Instead, you might get a digital license that attached to your Microsoft Account. Which is used to make purchases and if you want you can also transfer Windows 10 Pro Pack to the new computer or laptop.

Follow the below-given step by step instructions to transfer Windows 10 digital license to the new computer—

  1. Go to the Start Menu and open the Settings.
  2.  Now navigate to Update & security > Activation > Troubleshooter
  3. Sig-in into your Microsoft Account that used to purchase the Windows 10 Pro Pack.
  4. After Troubleshooting is finished, Windows 10 will indicate the Digital License For Windows.
  5. Simply, click on the “Active Windows” button and follow on-screen instructions.