How To Cancel PayPal Transaction

If you’re searching for how to cancel Paypal transaction from your account. Here we have guided you with step by step guide article with complete process of canceling the transaction on PayPal without hassle.

Paypal, as you know, is an online transaction app that has made exchanging money so easy not even nationally but internationally. That is the one point from which it stands out than the other apps out there.

Now it’s no new in online transactions that you transacted with a false person or a non-existent person or to an anonymous address or any mistake considered. And getting refunds or canceling the payment can be a headache sometimes and it might make you regret about you making the mistake.

How To Cancel PayPal Transaction

Which is eventually no big deal. There is no point in feeling regret about it until and unless you know that you can cancel the payment on your own. And hence you don’t have to fear fraud, loss of money, or anything like that.

Reasons Why PayPal Transfer Automatically Cancelled

  • If you eventually sent a payment a wrong address or maybe a wrong amount, and you might be thinking that how can you cancel the particular transaction. Now transactions can be canceled under several circumstances, and the PayPal ones can get canceled.
  • Now one possibility says if the person you sent the money to hasn’t received it as maybe the address you sent it to doesn’t exist. So you have an option to cancel your payment without any fees.
  • If an account owner hasn’t confirmed their PayPal email address, then also you may cancel your payment.
  • Now in another case, if the payment has claimed, the only way to get it back is by contacting the person to whom the payment sent by mistake.

Manually Cancel PayPal Transaction

Follow the below-given step by step guide to cancel Paypal money transfer without hassle from your PayPal account.

Step 1:

Now you have a login to your PayPal account if you already haven’t done that, you have a fill in your credentials and login account.

Step 2:

Once you get to your PayPal account, you have to click on the Activities button on the menu bar at the top.
All the recent transactions are shown there, and out of which you have to find the one you want to cancel or if it doesn’t appear there, you can search for it too.

Step 3:

Now, as the payment is assumed to be unclaimed for a fact that if the transaction claimed, then you have to contact the specific person with whom the transaction complete. Whom the money sent and then ask them for the cancellation of payment, that is, ask them for a refund giving them specific reasons for the fact that you want to cancel the payment.

Step 4:

An unclaimed payment or pending payment or something like that always has the option to cancel it under the actions menu.  You have to click the cancel button from in front of the unclaimed or pending transaction you want to cancel.

Step 5:

Now once you click on it, it asks you a confirmation with giving details about the payment and its status that in this case is unclaimed to either cancel the payment or to cancel it, where you have to choose your own, but here you have a click on, cancel the payment.

Step 6:

Once you’ve completed the process, the transaction status is changed to cancel. And hence you would now have no fear of your money going somewhere for any anonymous mistake and getting it through.

Now, this is the most convenient and most comfortable way to cancel an unclaimed payment hence saving your time, effort, and money, of course.

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