How To Pair PS4 Controller – Step by Step Guide

Looking for and method to step by step guide based on how to pair PS4 Controller. In this article, we are about to guide you about the methodology of pairing the PS4 controller with the PS4. Please read this short guide article till the end to find it out.

How To Pair PS4 Controller To Playstation

There, two ways or methods to connect PS4 Controller to the game console. The article has both the methods to make sure you try both the methods to pair your PlayStation 4 controller.


You have to Make Sure that Your DUALSHOCK®4 is Properly Connected to Your PS4™. Follow these steps first.

Step 1:

At first, you have to make sure that the PS4 system and TV turned on. The light should be white on the PS4. Please check this factor.

Step 2:

Now you have to connect the DUALSHOCK (the micro USB port located on the back) to your PS4 (the USB port located on the front) using any USB cable. You can use the cable that comes with your PS4.

Step 3:

While the DUALSHOCK and PS4 are connected, please press the PS button situated upon the controller. You will hear a beep, and you will see that the controller light is changing from orange to white. It indicates the starting of the pairing process.

The light bar on the controller will turn blue when it adequately paired. With this, if the controller gets paired, then it is beautiful.

But if not, if the light bar did not turn blue or the PS button is not responsive yet, then follow the below-mentioned steps

  • You have to try a different USB port on the PS4. You may need to charge your controller fully (100%).
  • If that doesn’t work, please try another different USB cable apart from the existing one.
  • If that also doesn’t work, please try a different DUALSHOCK controller (the other one/new).
  • If none of the above method work, In this case, you have to try resetting your DUALSHOCK controller. You have the soft resetting option, as well as a hard resetting option, and can go with anyone who will work then.


Please make sure that your DUALSHOCK controller is Fully Charged!

Step 1:

At first, make sure your DUALSHOCK controller appropriately and fully charged by using the default USB cable that comes with the PlayStation. By charging fully, the DUALSHOCK controller might take up to 2 hrs. Or more than that. While charging, you will find the light bar is orange. You can continue playing as well while the controller is charging and plugged into your PlayStation.

Step 2:

Now, please check the amount of charge on Your DUALSHOCK controller.

Step 3:

The PS4 will not charge your DUALSHOCK controller when powered off. It would help if you kept that in your mind.

Step 4:

Please press the power button on the PS4 to make sure it turns on.

Step 5:

You have to make sure that your controller paired to the PS4.

Step 6:

Please check the controller charge level. You can perform this task by pressing and holding the PS button for at least one second.

Step 7:

On the PS4 Quick Menu, you can make the controller and battery indicator. It is in the lower-left corner. When the controller fully charged, the battery indicator will be displaying three bars. When the charging is going on, you will see the battery indicators will flash one to three bars.

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Wrapping Up!

This short guide help you to know how you can pair PS4 Controller to game console, iPhone or TV. In case if you want to play games on your Apple TV instead of Playstation. Moreover, don’t forget to share the article among gamers.