How To Use Flight Tracker To Check Flight Status

If you don’t know how to use a flight tracker application to track down your flight status. In this case, don’t worry we’re here to help you out on this issue. In 21 Century with the help of modern technology, you can easily track live flight status on your smart devices such as iPhone or Tablets without having the hassle. To avoid disturbing the help desk representative at the airport and save your time to something important that really matter before you leave for the Airport.

So what is Flight Tracker? Basically flight tracker app is a web application that allows you to live flight status you can also call them live flight tracker apps. But these apps only useful, when you know how to use them to see the live status of flights.

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How To Use Flight Tracker App To Know My Flight Status

Flight Tracker is the application form in which you can track your flight status before leaving for the Airport. So the question is how you can track your flight on a web application. Generally, their lots of flight tracker apps are available on the web. We have gathered some of the best flight tracker apps and listed them in this article. We are also going to take you through a step by step instructions with complete information.

In this short tutorial, we are going to use FlightStats web application because it offers multiple options to track down flight status. You can track your flight status by (Flight Number, By Airport or Rote) you can even track 3 days past flight details using this tool.

Open a web browser on your computer or Smartphone. On the Web Browser type and hit enter button.

Method 1: 

If you have a Flight number you can use it to track your flight with more information such as airline name and Date of the flight. You’ve to enter these details on the section titled “Search By Flight” and hit the enter button to know the current status of your flight.

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Method 2: 

In case if you don’t have flight number but you know the destination Airport location and Arrival Airport location. Then you have entered these details into the section titled “Search By Airport or Route”. You’ve to enter more information in this method. Such as time of the flight, name of Airlines and Date.  After filling these details hit the enter button.

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