How To Add Games to the Game List in Xbox App

Most of the users have complained that they are not able to add the games to the games list in the Xbox app. For such a thing, Xbox One has announced amazing new features and new add on ways to it.

For the system of Windows 10, they have provided the music support in background form, Cortana in the console, and the base work for the applications of the Universal Windows Platform.

Along with this, it has brought various new ways for Games & Apps that are available in the system.

Games & Apps of Xbox One in Microsoft

The location of the section of Games & Apps has been moved since the new update. In the previous version, the section of Games & Apps was available at the downward side of the home screen which is at the right to the pins.

Microsoft has read the feedbacks that were for the availability of the options therefore they have moved it to the upward side of the dashboard of the main one. It makes the content even more attractive.

This new version of the home screen shows the information in a new way that includes updates and downloads along with the timer countdown for the new more features that will come at a later time.

Adding Games to the Xbox List in the App

By simply selecting a game and clicking on the download button, you can access them easily on Xbox One. The main thing which needs to be understood by you is how to open them after being downloaded.

The tab of games & apps shows us the overview of the content which is installed currently. You can find it easily on the Xbox One.

Do the selection of the section of Games & Apps which is located at the upward right side in the dashboard of the main one.

There you will find the previously installed games that are in the list of the horizontal form along with various options. By the use of the Xbox controller,  you can do the selection of games and apps, can perform the sorting of collections in alphabetical form, by the updated, and of size.

We can also change there the size of thumbnails for more options on the screen or you can collect filter by the storage device if you are in use of various devices.

add games into xbox

The selection of the game or app by the menu button on the controller will show you the context menu and will give you even more control. You can easily pin them to the home screen, can give a check to the game hub title, managing of game Or app, Or if Uninstallation of it in direct form.

We can also move straight towards the management of the game or app by doing the selection of title by the view button which is located on the controller, other than the menu button.

The pages of game management give the allowance for viewing smoothly the installed DLC title along with the ready to install DLC.

Most of the time, when you do the use of freebies that are the promotional codes of pre-order, don’t download the games in an automatic form in the console. You will easily get them on the screen.

From here, you can easily copy the content to various storage devices or can easily uninstall them. We can also get the view of the saved data for each of the files available there and can remove them as per our wish for starting over the new one.

Updates on Xbox One

If the console is in the mode of instant form, then the updates will be downloaded in the automatic form, when the console is in the stand by form.

If you are in the current use of the Xbox One, then it shows that the updates can get queued in such a tab. For that, you have to wait for a whole till the downloading of games is completed.

When the download is running there, you can get the view of speed as well as the data amount that is transferred for the first time.

The percentage of downloads can also appear on the home screen. It is under the heading of My games & apps on the upward side to the right.

The tab of the Queue shows the recent updates along with the pending installs and downloads.

The Ready to Install Tab

This tab is just the same as the tab of games and apps and from here you can do the reinstallation of the required titles that you own. The selection of this tab may require some time as it depends on the loading of content data. It includes the licenses of the internet.

As the list has been taken to full, you can now filter it in most of the ways to the games and apps. You can also hide the games and apps from the view button.

Doing the selection of the A tile will do the generating of the installation prompt. It gives you the allowance for downloading the games and apps to the storage devices.

The My Games List of Windows 10

The section of My Games menu in the Windows 10 gives you the allowance for downloading, installing as well as managing the games from one location on the system. We can also play the Xbox games online and offline both by accessing it in the section of My Games.

Easily, the My Games section takes up all the games by the Online store of Microsoft and the other games that are installed on the PC. Also, we can enter directly into any of the games by clicking on the short-cut item located on the menu.

Most of the time, a game may not be shown in the My Games section. For that, a few things need to be understood.

Adding games to the My Games List on PC

If a game has not appeared under the required section, t

hen we can add them in a manual form by the menu. Do the selection of the option of Add a game from your PC by the menu.

You will get the list of various games as well as the programs that are listed on the Start button in the short cut list. By doing the selection of Games which you need to add and then clicking on the option of Add for the listing of them. under the section of My Games.

Summing Up

Here we get to know how you can add the games in the Games List by the updated version of the Games & Apps section. Also, we discussed how you can add games in the Games section of the PC.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Add Games to the Game List in Xbox App with complete information.

How do you add games to your Xbox wishlist?

In order to add games into your Xbox Wishlist you need to follow these steps. Games, apps, movies, TV shows, and even hardware can all be added. Select the Add to Wish list tile on the title’s product description page.

How do I add games to my collection on Xbox app?

If a game or application isn’t immediately added to your collection, go to My games and then Add a game from your PC to manually add it. A scrollable list of all Win32 games and apps with Start menu shortcuts will appear.

Why are my games not showing up on my Xbox one?

In order to view all your games in Xbox. Select Refresh by pressing the Menu button on your controller. Make sure you have your item. If you’re still having trouble finding your game or add-on, try turning off and on your console.

What does the Xbox Wishlist do?

The Xbox wish list allows you to keep track of your most-wanted games, add-ons, and other items. To manage your wish list, sign in or create a Microsoft account.

This is end of this short guide.

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