1and1 Webmail: Complete User Guide

1and1 Webmail or 1&1 webmail what you call it. It’s a web hosting company based in Germany the formal name of the company is 1and 1 Internet.

Now the company has owned by  Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and global internet services in the United States Montabaur.

Here we are going to give you deep information about the 1&1 webmail service in brief. If you want to know what this company is all about, what its services are, where is based and much more. Keep reading the complete article to know all about it.

1and1 Webmail

1&1 Webmail or 1and1 Webmail is an online platform for webmail hosting. It is one of the leading web hosting services with millions of customers all across the globe.

The enterprise started in Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom by providing a web hosting service.

The services that the company offers are 1&1 Webmail hosting services and web hosting, domain registration, SSL certificates, web page builder tools, cloud hosting, virtual private services and much more. You can easily signup for the 1and1 Webmail service without having a hassle.

How To Sign Up & Login In 1and1 Webmail

Here the complete process of the Signup and Login in 1&1 webmail.

There are two options to create an email with 1and1 webmail. Either you can choose Basic Mail and Business Mail starts to form $1 per month.

After completing the signup process you can easily match your email address with the domain.

Step-by-step instructions to create 1 and 1 webmail account.

Open the web browser on your device and visit this link – https://www.ionos.com/

Once the website is fully loaded. Tap on the Email & Office tab.

Now, navigate to a Professional Email Address. (Available Packages).

Select the package according to your requirement.

After that check the domain availability.

Now, set up the Webmail Password.

Login into 1&1 Webmail

Once you create your 1 and 1 webmail account you can easily login into your account using the below-given step-by-step guides.

Open the web browser and visit the 1and1.com

On the homepage, Go to the Sign-in button.

Select the “More 1and1 IONOS Logins”.

Enter your Username / Email Address and the Password.

Now, select the Login button.

Reset 1&1 Webmail Account Password

In case if you’ve forgotten the password of your 1and1 Webmail account. Then don’t worry just follow these step-by-step instructions to reset the password of 1and1 Webmail.

Open the web browser on your device Phone or PC. Visit on 1and1.com

Click on the Sign-in button on the login webpage.

Select the “Forget Password” option.

After that enter your Email Address / Domain / Customer ID.

Now, select the “Request New Password” option,

The Password Reset Link will be sent to your Email Address. Go and login into your other email account and click on the link to reset the password.

The link will be open on the new tab on the web browser.

Type the new password in the field and type it again for confirmation.

Once you’ve typed and re-type the new password. Hit the “Reset Button”.

How to Setup 1and1 Webmail Email Address

Technically there are two settings that you should use before using the 1 and 1 webmail services.

1and1 Pop-up Settings For Incoming Emails:

Here the step you should follow to set up them.

The Account Type is POP.

The Username is 1and1 email username.

Webmail password is the only Password of the 1and1 email account.

The Hostname For the Server is like pop.gmail.com if you use Gmail.

Make sure your Port for the server is 993/995.

Webmail Authentication. Both your email address and webmail password is authed.

Provided SSL/TLS for safe browsing.

Setting For STMP Outgoing Emails:

The type of Account is SMTP.

In the Username is your email Username.

The webmail password is the same as above.

Make sure your hostname for the webmail server is smtp.gmail.com if you use Gmail.

Port for Server will be 587.

The Email Address for 1and1 and Password will be auth along with SSL / TLS certificates.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions regarding ions webmail or 1and1 webmail.

How do I access ionos Cpanel?

Go to the web browser and enter your Domain name / IP Address followed by the 8443 in the address bar. Now login into your account through user Admin and Password. In simple words, use your IP Address to access ionos Cpanel.

What is ionos email?

ionos email is a web hosting web service available all across the globe. The ionos offer its service which lets you allow to create your own email domain with web hosting.

What webmail means?

It Web-based email service, technically webmail is an email similar to Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. If you own a domain for your business then you need an official email address the same as your domain. For example for keepthetech.com we have contact@keepthtech.com

How do I set up ionos email in Outlook?

There are some steps that you’ve to perform to setup an ionos email or 1 and 1 webmail in Outlook.

Open the Microsoft Outlook mail on your browser or using the app.
Under the Account Information > Select “Add Account”.
Now, Manual Setup or Additional Server Types.
Select “POP” or “IMAP”.
Type your ionos Username, Email Address and Server information.

How does a webmail work?

It is a web-based interface in which a user can read and send emails just like any other email service provider such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Well, you can access the webmail anywhere on earth using the internet and web browser. Webmail is a website based email service, which is associate with the domain.

Additional Tip: 

You must create your webmail password-secured using the long phase words along with special characters and numbers. Your password will be almost 10 to 12 characters.

By creating a strong password you’ll be secure from the online beach and nobody can access your webmail account.

Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, this article will help to know important information regarding the 1 and 1 webmail service. Now you know all about ionos webmail along with how you can set up your own webmail account.

In case you want to know more about 1and1 webmail or have an issue you can contact us through the comment box we are pleased to help you.

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