How to delete a group on facebook – Step by Step Guide

Looking for a guide on how to delete a group on Facebook. Well, we all know that Facebook is the first top-rated social app that is still in trend, no matter how many new apps must have entered the digital market. Still, this situation is similar to ‘old is gold’ where Facebook is old as so many applications have entered the digital market providing fantastic facilities and contacts to you.

Almost every person has a Facebook account, if not to run, then to use it through logging into applications or linking it to different apps to keep your data secure. Now Facebook also provides options for chats and creating groups for friends to chat or groups for people with similar motives to get through something or any other thing.

How to delete a group on Facebook

Now sometimes it may happen that you got into a group which you find of no use or you find it fake or forget then you would want to delete it.  But first of all, you gotta log in to your Facebook account.

Login into Facebook Account

To login to your Facebook account,

  • You have to add your mobile number or mail I’d or Facebook username.
  • Next, you have to add your password to login to it.

In case you forgot your password, you can reset it through your mobile number.  Once you login to your Facebook account, you have to go to the chat section.

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Process To Delete Group on Facebook

Now to delete any group of yours on Facebook, what you have to follow these steps.

Step 1:

Get onto the group that you no longer want, and then you have to get to where the members are, and then you have a click on it, where it shows how many members are in the specific group that is selected.

Step 2:

Select the one you want and then scroll a bit down where you’ll see ‘three dots in horizontal.’ You have to click on that, and you have a click on remove from the group. You have to repeat the process for all your friends from that group.

Step 3:

The only thing you have to take care of is to remove yourself the last as you’re the one deleting the group, and if you get removed first, then the group won’t get deleted, but you won’t be its part anymore.

Step 4:

To remove all the members from the group, give it the confirmation when the dialogue box appears.

Step 5:

Now when everybody else removed from the group, and you’ll be the last, you’ll go to the leaving group option and this time the confirmation dialogue box that appears, show you an option to ‘leave and delete’ which eventually means that the group and its data be deleted by confirming it.

There you go, your Facebook group deleted quickly and conveniently.  Just one task to remember to remove everybody else first and yourself last, or else the purpose of the task won’t get to what it meant.