5 Online eBay Fee Calculator

There is multiple eBay fee calculators available on the internet but lots of them are useless. Until now you don’t know some of the best and most popular eBay calculator that everyone is using in this modern era to calculate eBay fees.

Here in this article, we have listed some of the best and online eBay Fee Calculator which is free to use and gives you accurate fee calculation that you’ve to pay to eBay merchant.

eBay Fee Calculator

eBay is an online platform to sell and buy goods online well if you’re a seller then there are lots of things that you’ve to calculate to sell an item on eBay.

Such as sold price, shipping charges, item cost and shipping cost. After calculating these things you can get the accurate final value fees and profit when you’re selling on eBay.

In this complete process, you need a tool such as calculate to get the exact price of the item that you’re selling along with how much profit will you make including the expense.

With the help of the eBay Fee Calculate, you can easily get the accurate fee and profit details.

How To Use eBay Calculator (Step By Step)

Follow the step by step process to know how you can easily use eBay Calculator without having a hassle.

ebay fees

So, you need some of the details to calculate the eBay fee along with profit. Such as Sold Price, Shipping Charges, Item Cost, Shipping Cost, Quantity, eBay store, seller performance, payment method, sales tax percentage and much more.

If you have all this information you can easily calculate the exact figure of the profit that you can make on selling the particular item on eBay.

Online eBay Fee Calculator

On the web, there are multiple eBay calculator but if you know which one is the best for you to get correct details about the percentage of your profit then you it’s not worth it.

Well, don’t worry, here in this article we have listed some of the best eBay free calculator. All these calculations get regular updates in case if eBay makes any changes for the seller you don’t need to worry.

1. US Ebay Fee Calculator

Ebay Profit Calculator

It’s one of the most popular calculator on the web for getting accurate results of the eBay fee. The tool allows getting details of eBay fees, Sales Tax, PayPal fees and much more.

To get the exact figures you need to fill in the details of the item that you wanted to sell on eBay and you get complete details on how much profit you can make through that particular product.

2. Digi Commerce

ebay profit

This is an amazing tool to get accurate eBay fees along with other useful information. To use this tool, you only have to enter the price of the product that you want to sell on eBay.

The calculator gives you the correct information about different eBay fee components. The tool is free to use you can easily access it through the website on your cell phone or computer.

3. Final Fee Cal

ebay charges

This is the same as other fee calculators tool with the help of this online tool you can calculate the eBay fee. Additionally, the tool has some advanced features such as eBay Managed Payment, Rate of Return and Promoted Listing.

The calculator gets regular updates of eBay fees for all categories. Moreover, you can also access this tool on the Android platform on your cell phone.

4. SaleCalc

calculator ebay fee

The interface of the calculator is impressive and easy to use. With the help of this tool, you can get price bottom line, free breakdown and worksheet along with you can also calculate auction free.

This tool has advanced features compared to other eBay calculators in this you can also calculate the return and margin of the product. Moreover, you can also access this tool through the iOS app for free on your iPhone or iPad.

5. 3D Seller

ebay fees worksheet

This is the next level eBay calculator with help of this tool you can get a complete fee breakdown along with additional fee components.

The tool is designed to give an accurate fee breakdown in the chart in 3D with different colours for each component to show percentages. 

Furthermore, the tool also allows you to set your desired profit breakdown by your own selling price. With this tool, you can get free price recommendations and profit.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions asked by the eBay seller about the eBay Calculator.

How Do I Calculate eBay Fees?

You can calculate eBay fees on these factors. The amount of buyer pays for the item, Store Level, Top Rated Seller Discount, Category of the item, Sales Tax and much more. Enter these details into the calculator and you get an accurate profit percentage.

How much do eBay take for fees?

The seller with a basic eBay seller account pays a 10 percent final fee for most items, 12 percent for books DVD and movies, 2 percent for business and industrial categories and 3 percent for musical categories.

How do I avoid eBay fees?

Their lots of factors that you’ve to consider such as understanding what fees you’re currently forking over, list smart, making the fee system work for you, considering yourself to open an eBay Store, taking advantage of eBay fine print offers and much more. All these factors will lead you to higher profit on eBay.

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