You Can Use iPhone App To Remotely Turn Off Your Mac

If you’re thinking about how you can remotely shut down your laptop or PC using a phone. Is this can be possible? Yes, you can easily turn off your Mac with your personal iPhone.

In this article, we going to show, How To Shut Down Mac By iPhone?

There some selected iPhone remote control apps from which you can control mac remotely you can easily turn off your mac using this app. The app which is we talking about is  Unified Remote.

Turning Off Mac Using An iPhone


Firstly, you’ll need to download and install the Unified Remote (iOS) into your iPhone or iPad. Then follow up below-given guides.

Step 1 :

Go to the Unified Remote Website, and download its latest server

Step 2 :

Now go through the installation process on your Mac. Once finished with the installation process make sure the server app running on your Mac.

Step 3 :

Last step but not least, Open up the app on your iPhone the app automatically scans the server from the local network and connects your phone with your Mac.

Step 4 :


The app works with several remotes such as Hibernate, Restart, Shutdown, Log Off, Lock, Sleep, Wake Up Lan and Abort. These all are the remote buttons from which you can perform functions.

Example: To Shutdown your Mac, Tap on the Shutdown button in the app and your Mac shut down automatically.

The Bottom Line :

Imagine you’re out of the room and you want to turn off your laptop without going inside of the room. In these cases, the remote control apps are very useful you can easily turn off your Mac or PC from outside of the room using this app or similar apps such as shutdown for iOS platform and for Windows Unified Remote

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