How To Stop Auto Rotation of Photos in Windows 10

In Windows 10 Disable Photo Auto Rotate? 

Recently lots of Windows 10 users facing an issue that is after uploading the photos on any website the photos rotate to 90 degrees. One of these blog readers asked us “how to stop an uploaded photo from rotating in Windows 10”.

However, until now Microsoft doesn’t clear this topic on this community article. This means the Microsoft developers team still searching for a just solution.

But, there are some ways from which you can still fix this problem using software called JPEG Autorotate which is a photo editor rotate by degree just simply install it in Windows 10 then manually rotate photos.

How To Fix Auto-Rotate Photos In Windows 10

There are lots of ways from which you can easily fix auto rotated photos such on the web there are many online photos rotate tools from which you can all size or format photos.

But manually rotating all photos one by one takes a lot of time. So, to save time use photo rotating software that rotates all photos in the folder at once.

Follow the given below step by step guides to know how you can rotate photos in Windows 10 without facing any issue.

Step 1 :

Download the JPEG Auto Rotate Software and Install It on your windows.

Step 2 :

Go to the Folder where all Rotated Photos are located

Step 3 :

Right Click on the folder  and select “Rotate All JPEGs in Folder ”  from the list


However, this will work only for JPEG files, if the folder contains another photo format such as PNG, JPG etc then the photos these format photos will not rotate.

In case if the photos in the folder are not rotated after the above step then you’ve to manually rotate the photos.

Manually Rotate Photos In Windows 10

Step 1:

Open the folder which contains all rotated photos now manually select them all at once using the shortcut key (Ctrl + A).

Step 2 :

Right, Click to open the properties list in which select Rotate Left or Rotate Right.

Well Done