How To Stop Notifications In Twitter From Unknown Person

So, someone is troubling you on Twitter by tagging you into his tweets and you getting notifications on your tweeter account. Believe me this total below me up and I start searching for “how I can disable notifications from the follower in Twitter”.

But, I’ve resolved this issue on my own without taking anybody’s help. Here I share the way from which you can easily stop notifications from an unknown person on the Twitter account.

How To Limited Notifications on Twitter

Twitter allows its users to limited the notifications you can only get notifications from the persons you follow on Twitter and nobody else can tag you into his tweet so you won’t get any notification.

Step 1 :

Go to Twitter and log in into your Account

Step 2 :

Open Twitter Account Settings from the pop-up menu and then scroll the screen to the Notifications tab and open it.


Step  3 :

As you see, there is an option called “Filter Tweets by” in it select the first option “Only the people you follow” and Save the Settings.

Now you only get notifications from the person or Twitter account that you are following on Twitter. However, there is one more way to block notifications on Twitter and that is by blocking that person.

Mute Words on Twitter

There is an additional feature offer by Twitter to its users the feature called Mute Words.  In this feature you can mute some words and if someone typed those muted words in his tweet then in this case you won’t get the notification of that tweet.

So if you want to stop getting notifications from any person you can easily type your Twitter profile named and mute it. By doing this nobody send you a notification.

If you mute your profile name then you won’t get any notification so be careful before muting your profile name.