2 Ways To Get Mac Address Lookup In Windows 10

How To Get Mac Address In Windows 10

In windows, there is a mac address of the device from which you can easily perform lots of tasks. Such as blocking that particular device from the wireless network or use wifi networking location services with the help of mac address.

So, there are two ways from which you can easily get mac address lookup in windows and you won’t have to search for “What is My Mac Address”.

In this article, we show you two ways from which you can find mac addresses in Windows 10 without facing trouble.

Finding Mac Address In Windows 10 Using Network Connections

To find mac address of the laptop in windows 10 you’ve to do nothing special just follow up below-given step-by-step guides and for more help see the given screenshots.

Step 1 :

Go to Start Menu. Search for “Network Connections”  or you can also navigate Control Panel >Network &  Internet > Network Connections.

Step 2 :

Right Click on your network connection and then select “Status” from the list.

Step 3:

Now In the WiFi Status window tab, Click on “Details”

Step 4 :

Find the Physical Address in a tab, The Value of Physical Address is the Mac Address of your computer

However, if you find this way of getting mac address is way to hard then you can easily look up mac address windows 10 using a command prompt. Just enter some command lines and your windows 10 mac address will show up.

Find Mac Address In Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

Step 1

Open Command Prompt through Start Menu. Search for “CMD” and hit the enter button

Step  2 :

In Command Prompt. Enter these given following command lines ( ipconfig /all) and hit the Enter button. This will display the complete network configuration of your device.

Step 3 :

Now Scroll a little bit and locate a ” Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi: ” in it, the given Physical Address is your Mac Address as shown in a screenshot.