How to Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone

To Connect Xbox Controller to your iPhone, various steps are needed to follow it. You get them here on this page. You can connect either by choosing app screencasting or by using the app.

What is Xbox?

It is the gaming form of the brand, which represents a developed form of Microsoft with the various consoles. It also shows the best sales projections every year. An American company launched it in the year 2001 in November. It was released with the best form of markets and had given its best there. They also provide the best basis of filters and xCloud services to the users.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone

Here are the explained steps about the connecting of Xbox with the iPhone device:-

Connecting Xbox Controller Using iPhone App

Step 1

Firstly, open the iPhone settings in your iPhone device. It appears like a grey colored form on your phone’s screen.

Step 2

Now click on the Bluetooth option, which shown at the upward side of your screen in settings.

Step 3

Now move the Bluetooth option to the right side and then switch it to the on the form. It turns to green in color.

Step 4

You then have to open your TV and Xbox. You can click on the X option shown at the center of the controller of it.

Step 5

Now open the Xbox app of your iPhone. It appears like agree and white X in it.

Step 6

Click on the sign-in option, which shown at the center of the page.

Step 7

Write the address there on your Xbox. It allows you to sign in to your page.

Step 8

Go to the next option. It was shown on the downside of the screen.

Step 9

Write your password there on the given space.

Step 10

Click on the sign-in option, which shown at the down of the password area.

Step 11

Go to the lets play option, which is given at the downside of the page after you sign in.

Step 12

Click on the three lines option given there. It is on the upward side of the page.

Step 13

Now click on the connection option, which is the down of the screen. After this, your iPhone device search for the Xbox.

Step 14

Go to the connect to your Xbox. It is the heading option given on the screen.

Step 15

Click on the name of your Xbox. If you want, then you can also rename it.

Step 16

Click on the connect option, and then you find that your iPhone and Xbox are now connected. Now, you can use the iPhone as a remote control to your Xbox.

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