15 Best Pregnancy App Trusted By Mothers

Looking for the best pregnancy app and tired of searching, here is the solution to it. Go further and get the best pregnancy apps down below. Let’s begin with information about pregnancy apps.

What is Pregnancy App?

You might be in planning for the baby, and must be searching for the best apps for it. Everyone needs a good guide that will be as an assistant in taking care of the future mother. It needs to have good care of her until the baby arrives securely in the world. Many pregnancy apps in the world will be the best in any kind.

Some may offer good services, some with good features while some will good assist. It all depends on what type of app you want. It is all in people’s taste in the requirement for that. Here we have a good list of such apps that will be best as per the need. They are the best apps from where you can take as per your choice.

Best Pregnancy App For (iPhone and Android)

Let’s go ahead with the pregnancy apps and read what they all tell about their features and services.

1. WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy App

The WebMD app offers the services providing by more than thousands of doctors worldwide. They will help and guidance for dealing with the changes which occur at the time of pregnancy. It will help in monitoring the baby inside the womb along with the health of the pregnant woman.

It gives the full support of blood pressure checking, weight, contraction, and many more. Pregnant women can also discuss various topics about how they can stay healthy during their pregnancy. This app is also good for yoga, visiting doctors, and many other forms of health benefits. It gives track of the process of growth of the baby. This app is available for both Android as well as iOS devices.

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2. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy app

Sprout app gives the full guidance of keeping the body fit in the pregnancy time. It offers full knowledge of changes as well as developing the body when the baby grows. Due to the help of a 3D interaction feature, more discovery is available to get the world of baby.

Various movements that a baby does when it is in the womb can be more enjoyable for the mother. Many other features like taking photos of belly and recording them as memory will increase the joy more. It is available for both iOs and Android devices.

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3. Pregnancy+


Pregnancy+ app gives the full tracking of kicks of the baby. As the mother gains weight, she will get the knowledge of the growth of the baby’s body too. Various charts along with images from different ways which enable in understanding the procedure.

Daily information of images along with diary and logs are additional features in this app. It also shows the size of the child as to how it is increasing in weeks. This app is available in Android and also in iOS.

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4. Mind the Bump

Mind the Bump

The Mind the Bump app is much exciting as it offers the full support of both mentally as well as emotionally to pregnant women. From the starting of the pregnancy up to after the birth of the child, they keep good support to them. They also give the full concentration feature of meditation.

Which is much better for the mother of the child. A great experience is there which brings many changes in the women at the time of pregnancy. The mental health doctors here give great support to women by providing mental health development to them.

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5. Glow Nurture Pregnancy App

glow baby app

The Glow Nurture Pregnancy App provides the features of tracking, charts, supporting data, and many articles to pregnant women. It keeps up-to-date about everything necessary along with giving reminders about the exercises and meditation. If she feels any of the issues, then the feature of discussion will help by collecting the information and give the solutions. This app is in both android as well as iOS.

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6. Kegel Trainer

Kegel Trainer

This app is best for training in performing the workout of pregnant women. Various exercises are in the explanation here including the strengthening of them. They also provide services of the notifications on various sessions of exercise. It also keeps a good record of all the exercises which the women perform. They will get an immense form of change in their body with proper strength and activeness. It is available both in iOS and Android devices.

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7. Pregnancy Workout Advisor

Pregnancy Workout Advisor

This app provides the basic advice to the pregnant women which she needs. It gives all the instructions that are necessary for her to perform in her pregnant days. By keeping full tracking and getting whole descriptions, it is good in keeping a good performance. It is much beneficial and good to have this app. It is available for both iOS as well as in Android devices.

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8. Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

The Pregnancy and Baby Tracker app is one of the most known apps worldwide. It is both efficient and easy to use. It keeps the full track of development and monitoring of the baby easily. By full contraction through the monitor and the medical help, it is great in use by the women.

The best tips and suggestions are much help through this and many other features are truly great. It helps in proper parenting and good advice to the users. It is available for both IOS and Android.

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9. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The bump pregnancy countdown app gives full preparation to the future mother. Through the help of interactive visual formation, the growth of the baby can be accessed easily. The best articles and answers related to pregnancy questions will help women understand even better.

They explain the growth of the baby in the most interesting way.  Also, it gives all-time updates to them with good and proper information. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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10. Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

The Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker app is a great help that shows the full development of the baby. The better illustrations of each of the stages of the child are full in explanation. The best advice is thereby the doctors and they keep on supporting till the baby comes.

The functioning of the body, what you have to eat, and everything related to it is in the discussion. This app is available both in Android and iOS devices.

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11. Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy Week By Week

The Pregnant app is best in the performance of its videos which they give of babies in growth. Along with this, more access to videos that are published by other mothers is also here. The classes also are there which pregnant women can attend and can learn in taking their care. You can also make your album from pregnancy to the birth of the child. It is available on both Android and iOS.

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12. Full Term-Contraction Timer

Full Term-Contraction Timer

The Full Term Contraction Timer gives all the information and care to pregnant women. The great interaction, as well as contraction, intensify specification is of best feature ability here. The section of pregnancy reference along with the tracking of weight is one of the great gestures of this app. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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13. Babylist Baby Registry App

Babylist Baby Registry

The Babylist Baby Registry App provides a good environment for future mothers. They offer the best support in women for women by providing bodysuit to them. They give every piece of advice to them along with the great monitoring too.

The further preparation when they will become a mother is also there so that they will be able to perform well. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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14. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker app

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app provides the proper tracking of pregnancy of pregnant women. It also informs about the time left for the baby to arrive. The doctor visit option is also there for the reminder. It includes many features also which will enable us to get great access to it.

All the details of pregnancy along with counter of contraction are here with the best lookup at the medical health. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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15. Headspace App

headspace app

The Headspace app is the best app for the nurturing of pregnant women’s minds. It provides them free from all the stress and proper medication to them. It is easy to access and is free too to get the medication’s purpose. It will lead to happiness and health and will be there giving knowledge until she becomes a mother. The proper care and support they give to women by offering good services and best support.

They believe in the proper maintenance of the health and securement of the body and mind. They keep a  good balancing and proper mind-calming services are the best features of this app. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Wrapping Up

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