How to Know if Someone has Blocked you on iMessages

If you are a wonder, how to know if someone has blocked you on imessages? In this case, read out this article in which we guide you through two working methods to find out. If you’ ere blocked on iMessage app by the other person no not.

How to know if someone has blocked you on iMessages

There may come a situation where you are not able to get the delivered sign on the messages. Which you have sent to someone. It can be the situation where they have switched off their phone, or it can also be the reason. Where they may have blocked you. Well, it is easy to get information about whether you are blocked or not.

You can go for it by checking with a few examples like you can call them or facetime option is also a way to check. The message information can also check which gives the info about the delivered sign or still it is there.

Here are the explained steps which enables you to get the knowledge that either you are blocked on your iMessages or not:-

First Method To Know If You Were Block By Someone on iMessage

You can follow both methods to figure out if the other person has blocked you on the iMessage app on their iOS device.

Step 1:

Firstly, open your iMessage app in which you have to see the information of such a message.

Step 2:

Now open the chat of the person whom you might think have blocked you. You have to check the last message then you have sent to that person.

Step 3:

The situation can also be that the user may have turned off the read receipts option due to which the tick option is not available. You have to check the read at the option which displays the time at which the user has read your message. If no info is visible, then the reason can be that that person may have blocked you.

Step 4:

If the sign showing delivered is not there at the downwards side of the message, then you might have been blocked by that person.

Second Method To Find Out If Someone Blocked You On iMessages

Follow the below-given steps to know if you were blocked by the person you’re sending messages on message app on iPhone or iPad.

Step 1:

The second option which may work is calling them. Test by making a phone call to that person and then wait for the response.

Step 2:

If the bell rings just one time, and voicemail sending option occurs, then it is clear that the person has blocked you.

Step 3:

While calling if you find a difference in the results, then the reason can be any other, or if the same result occurs, then it is an accurate indicator that they block you.

Wrapping Up!

Hope you find this article helpful to find out if you were blocked on the messages by the other person. Moreover, you can also read out our article on how to unblock someone on iPhone without having a hassle.