How to Turn Off Narrator in Xbox One

The narrator is nothing but the feature of screen reading mode for the Xbox One which performs the function of reading the buttons, menus, and the various other kinds of texts in a louder form. It is specially designed as the option of accessibility for gamers who have visual impairments. Such a thing can turn out in an annoyance of huge form if anytime it gets stuck and if you are not able to figure out in turning it off.

What is Xbox One?

Xbox One is the home video game console of eighth-generation made by Microsoft. It came in the year 2013. The architecture which is used in the original Xbox has the features of the AMD Accelerated Processing Unit which were built around the set of x86-64 instruction. The console on Xbox one emphasizes it in the increased form on cloud computing as well as the features of social networking. It also can record and share the video clips through the gameplay.

The Microsoft Xbox One requires the connection of the internet as well as the connection of Kinect and the system itself in power with the cloud. You can also listen to music or can even chat with others through skype in it. It provides an integrated form of support for the Kinect of Microsoft that enables the users to control the games and the content of entertainment with the motion of physical one.

Methods for Turn Off the Narrator Off on Xbox One

As there are three methods for turning the narrator off on the Xbox One:-

1. By the voice commands –Such a method is the easy one. It only works with the use of commands of voice with the Xbox One.

2. Menu of System Settings– This method requires longer time, as it has various options.

3. Power Menu– It is one of the easiest methods. As it doesn’t include any of the extra options.

Narrator Xbox One

Turn off the Narrator by the Voice Commands

If you include the Cortana which is enabled on the Xbox One in the location of system settings then you can easily turn the narrator off.

You just have to do the selection of the Cortana for enabling the feature. The turning off the narrator can be performed without pressing the button there. You just have to say there Hey Cortana, turn off the narrator, and the system will disable it in the automatic form. You don’t have to be in use of the headset of the Microsoft-branded for such a method.

As the Xbox One Consoles gives the support of the voice Commands by the Kinect Peripheral. If you have the Kinect which is plugged in and have not even turned the Cortana on, by saying Xbox turn off Narrator then it will also work. The headset will not even work in the absence of Cortana because the digital assistant is required there. The Cortana Command and the Kinect Peripheral will not work if you have not turned on the voice controls there.

Method 2: Turn Off the Xbox One Narrator Via Settings Menu

Such a method of Turning Off the Xbox One Narrator by the use of Settings Menu is a bit complicated one that the other methods. Though it provides various options that other methods don’t have. As if we discuss the power menu, then it only gives the toggle of a simple one. But the settings menu will give you the control of the additional one over the function of the narrator.

If you need the setting of the warning that will help you in the prevention of yours in turning on the narrator at any time in the future, then such a method will help you out there.

Here we have the explanation of the steps in turning off the Xbox One Narrator by the use of Settings Menu.

Step 1

Firstly, press the button of Xbox on the controller for opening such a guide.

Step 2

Now do the navigation of the System and open there the option of Settings.

Step 3

Do the selection of the Ease of Access option.

Step 4

Then select the option of the Narrator.

Step 5

Take a proper check that the Narrator on the box is in selection there. Then press the button of A on the controller for removing the checkmark.

Step 6

If you need to avoid turning on the narrator at any time in the future, then do the selection of the option Warn me when turning the Narrator on and take a proper check that the box is in checked form.

Step 7

The narrator is off now, you will now be able to do the navigation of the menus and can play games without the Xbox saying anything to you.

Method 3: Disable Narrator Off in the Xbox One Via Power Menu

The easiest method for turning off the narrator is by the power menu in Xbox One. The simplicity of the downside in this method is that the people turn the feature in On position even without realizing it.

Here we have explained the steps in performing it:-

Step 1

Firstly, turn the Xbox one into On position. Then do the verification that the narrator is turned On.

Step 2

Press and do the holding of the button of Xbox on the controller till the power menu open there.

Step 3

Then press the button of the menu which is the three horizontal lines for turning off the narrator.

Step 4

Now visit back to the home screen and then do the verification that the narrator is switched off or not.

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How To Enable Narrator in Xbox One

As the narrator in Xbox One is in annoyance form to most of the people, though it is the necessary feature for the others. If you want to turn the narrator in the on position, if you have turned it off in the accidental form, then you can easily perform this by the power menu. Voice command, or by the Settings menu.

By the voice command, follow the given commands for turning it On:-

  • Hey Cortana, turn on Narrator.
  • Xbox, turn on Narrator.

Here we have the steps explained in turning on of the narrator by the menu of system settings which is at the place where you can access the various other ease of access features:-

Step 1

Firstly, press the button of Xbox for the opening of the guide.

Step 2

Then do the navigation of the System and then click on the Settings button.

Step 3

Do the selection of the Ease of Access button.

Step 4

Click on the Narrator option.

Step 5

Select the option of Narrator On and then click on the button of A on the controller for taking a proper check that the box is checked there.

Step 6

Visit back to the home screen, and then do the verification that the narrator is on or not. Note that the narrator will remain on till you will turn it back off.

Final Words

Here we discussed how you can Turn off the Narrator in Xbox One. There are three ways in turning off the narrator. Choose the method as per your need. Give a read to the topic of this and tell us a comment here. Also, go for more topics.

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