3 Places To Buy Xbox One Elite Controller at Affordable Price

Xbox One is an alluring controller. It’s a fantastic one. Even die-hard Play Station fans are also saying that it would be great if PS copies the design and mechanism of the Xbox One Elite Controller. The analog stick is very comfortable and it has got a perfect cut & design. Microsoft has done a great job while designing it. But yeah, it is an expensive one. The question comes as this is worth it or not. Well in this article we will be discussing the places from where you can buy it. None can raise a question about anything’s worth unless that thing is used.

Xbox Controller

1. Microsoft Store

You can easily buy an Xbox One Elite controller from the Microsoft Store (official website www.microsoft.com). You can find a wide range of designs, textures, colors there. Equip yourself with any one of those you like the most.

Microsoft Store: Buy Now ($179)

2. Amazon Store

You will get a wider range of variety here. Amazon is one of the largest online shopping stores packed with millions of products from different domains. You can easily get the Xbox One elite controller here and it does not get out of stock very often. You will always have a maximum chance of getting it here.

Get It Now: Amazon Store ($299)

3. Xbox.com

The official site for all Xbox consoles, accessories, controllers. You can easily get Xbox one elite controller from here. Order online, you will get what you want in some days.

Get It Now : Xbox Store