How to Setup Spotify Kids Account – Step by Step

Initially using Spotify can be a bit confusing and also overwhelming with all the choices.

Basics to the Spotify app along with several tips and tricks:

As you start using the app, the first thing that the app presents you with is two choices of either using Spotify free or Spotify premium. With both of these, you’ll get access to a large numbers of music that you can play on a PC, mobile phone, etc. So, coming to how to add kids’ accounts on Spotify; This can be done from a separate app ‘Spotify Kids’.

This app is available on the app store, google play store etc. If you opt for the free plan you will have to deal with the occasional ad. But if you go for the premium plan; you can get rid of the ads and also you get additional features that include unlimited skips, better quality audio, being able to download the music and listen to it offline along with other features.

The app also has a radio feature in it. where it gives you live radios, stations according to your choice, recommend stations and genre stations as well. Here, in this there is one more option on the upper right corner for creating a station; after you tap on it, you will have to search a song. Now after searching a song and tapping on it, a list will appear with the song you searched plus multiple songs of similar types and a sort of your own personalized radio station is created.

How To Create A Spotify Kids Account

The app also has specific songs for kids. But for that, you need to create a Spotify kids account.
Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1:

Basically, what happens is you can have access to creating a separate kid’s account when you are on the ‘Spotify premium family plan’ and then you can just create a kid’s account just by tapping on the avatar in the top left corner.

Step 2:

From there you will have to go ahead to parental settings; where the app will ask you a Spotify kids app ‘pin’. Then you have to tap on ‘Add a kid’s account’ under the option of ‘kid’s accounts’ Just as you enter the Spotify kids app, it will prompt you to create a kid’s account.

Step 3:

Now you will have to add the same email and password with which you have taken the ‘Spotify premium family plan’. The account on the Spotify app and the Spotify kids app will be the same. On the Spotify premium family plan you can have only like six accounts on Spotify premium family.