How to Play Xbox Games on PC

Play Xbox Games on PC: Microsoft Xbox is like one of the favorites of gamers around the globe. Xbox is a micro soft creation that was launched as a brand in competition with the plan station series and in a very short span of time x box was successful in making space for itself beating the competition Play Xbox Games on PC.

Till date x box and play, the station is in a competition where they keep launching upgraded versions of their devices, to beat each other. Now both of the devices are very good in their functions and workings. Xbox basically puts forth a series of games, video games again developed by micro soft with three consoles, which were released in the sixth, seventh and eighth generations respectively Play Xbox Games on PC.

Connect Xbox Game Console To Windows PC

It a piece of really amazing equipment to follow up if you are fascinated with games and are looking up to for an incredible gaming experience. One of the best parts of Xbox one is that Microsoft makes it easy to connect to your Xbox console from virtually anywhere on windows pc Play Xbox Games on PC.

You can also connect your Xbox, one controller, to your computer using a Micro – USB cable and use it as well.
This article will walk you through how to perform the initial setup of getting your console connected to your windows computer, and also connect your Xbox one controller Play Xbox Games on PC.

Connect Xbox Controller To PC

The steps you gotta follow to connect your Xbox, one controller, to PC:

Play Xbox Games on PC

Step 1

Connect a micro USB cable to your computer. You can not use any old micro USB cable, but you have to use one that can transmit data. If you have a micro USB cable that’s built to only charge a device, your X box one controller will not be recognized by your computer Play Xbox Games on PC.

Step 2

Connect your Xbox, one controller, to your Micro USB cable. The connecter for your micro USB cable is on the top part of the back of your controller.

A message will likely appear in the lower right corner of your screen informing you that your computer is being updated to support your device.

Step 3

You can verify that your controller is recognized by your computer by clicking the “Windows” icon in the lower-left corner of your screen to launch the Start menu, and then scrolling down the start menu and clicking “Settings”.
As you do it, the windows settings screen will appear.

Step 4

On the screen, you will see numerous options where you gotta click, “devices”. The device’s screen will appear.

Step 5

In the devices screen, all the device options will appear where you gotta select, “Bluetooth & other devices” on the left side of the screen. You will see “controller” listed beneath other devices on the screen, indicating that your x box one controller is recognized and capable of being used by your windows computer Play Xbox Games on PC.

Now, after following and performing the above steps properly, your Xbox console is connected to your computer and is ready to be used Play Xbox Games on PC.

How To Play Xbox Games on PC

Now the steps, to play Xbox games on your PC, you gotta follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click on the “Windows” icon in the lower-left corner of your screen to launch the Start screen. Keep scrolling down the list of apps until you get to the ‘X’ section. Click on the ‘Xbox’ app. Once you click on it and select it, the Xbox app launches Play Xbox Games on PC.

xbox console companion

Once the app launches, initially you will see a big screen with the Xbox icon in the middle of it. Now if you have never logged in to this app before, you will land on the add your Microsoft account screen Play Xbox Games on PC.

Step 3

Enter the user name for your micro soft account that is associated with your x box user profile, and then the password associated with that account Play Xbox Games on PC.

You may see a screen prompting you to sign in to this computer using this micro soft account going forward. If you want to do that, enter your windows password and then click on “Next”.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your information for your x box app and your computer separate for any of the reasons, choose “just sign in to this app” which will eventually just sign in without grabbing any external information Play Xbox Games on PC.

Step 4

The Xbox app home screen will open, showing you a variety of information associated with your accounts, such as games you have recently played or your activity feed or the status of friends and much n much more.

xbox application

Step 5

Ensure that your x box one is powered on, and then click the ‘Connection’ icon appearing on the left side of your screen. The connection icon basically looks like the front of your x box one. The screen will be largely blank, with the exception of a bar across the top of the screen that says “Connect to your Xbox one”.

Step 6

Click, “Add a device” to the right to connect to your x box one. As long as your x box one is turned on, and both the Xbox and your PC are connected to the same wireless network, you should see your x box appear in the Add a device dialogue box that appears on the screen.

add device on xbox app

Enter your Xbox game console IP Address on the required box field.

Step 7

Click on ‘Connect’, that appears to the right of your Xbox one displayed in the add a device dialogue box listing. The dialogue box will close, and your x box one appears in the list of devices on the connection screen that is which shows the devices connected. Additionally, you will see the controller that you connected to your computer displayed under ‘controls’ as well.

Step 8

Click on ‘Stream’ in the list of options that appear to the right of your device on the connection screen. A blue connecting on x box one screen rolls out, up from the bottom of your screen, and displays for a few seconds before your x box one home screen appears.

From here, you can use your controller as you normally would, either to navigate to different parts of your x box one console or to launch and play a game.


This way you can enjoy a worthy and fun gaming experience all over. Connecting the x box to a computer and then starting gaming are both pretty easy yet vast processes.

Both the processes laid above are practiced and then laid for you which is with following minimal and most prominent steps, to fill up to the requirement of your task and make your experience a thousand times better.

Final Words

The above-laid process is fully and completely trusted, with zero loss of data and is the easiest and convenient process to connect your x box one with your computer. After that, the process of starting playing with it, which is basically signing up.

Setting up your account and the external formalities are again all trusted, tested, and verified and are the most convenient ones, and following these you can totally get up to, playing games using your Xbox freely.

This way, you can just get on to using your x box and your computer and your device’s Bluetooth all together to lift up your experience of gaming.

Happy gaming!

Xbox or PlayStation—which one is superior and why?

On the other hand, when compared to the Xbox One, the backwards compatibility on the PS4 is lacking in both breadth and simplicity of use. Winner: Xbox One. You can play hundreds of Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, it supports cross-play with PC, and it gives you the opportunity to play games spanning three generations at an affordable price.

What is the most recent Xbox console?

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will revolutionise your perspective on video game consoles when they are released in the year 2020. The graphics processing unit (GPU) performance capability of the Xbox Series X console is double that of its predecessor, the Xbox One X system, and clocks in at a whopping 12 teraflops.

Will Xbox ever get Discord?

The voice chat application that is so popular among gamers is finally going to be available on Xbox.

Is the PlayStation franchise more well-known than Xbox?

According to the statistics, as of the year 2020, Sony’s PlayStation operating system has a market share of 57.54 percent, while Microsoft’s Xbox has a market share of 42.15 percent.

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