How To Record Gameplay on PC, PS4, Xbox, Stream

This a comprehensive guide, based on how to record gameplay on PC along with other gaming devices such as PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and many more.

If you own a Smart TV or any new technology-based game console like PS4, Xbox One, Wii U then you can easily capture on-time running pixels display screen in videos and images (screenshots). Capturing screenshots from the game console and Smart Television, you have to use an HDMI adapter with cable or competitive video output with any basic device.

You can also use devices from which you live stream gameplay on Smart TV. However, new tech nomads-based game consoles come with some new features to capture real-time screenshots and video recording along with some social site sharing features. This article contains all the information about capturing screenshots or videos via various devices like the game console and TV streaming box or some other devices.

How To Record Gameplay on PC (Windows 10/11)

how to record gameplay on pc
How To Record Gameplay on PC, PS4, Xbox, Stream

Modern game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and some other gaming devices come with screen capturing features. The PS4 and Xbox One hold the capability to capture screenshots, record videos, plus stream videos.

The Wii U can apprehend screenshots and upload them to the web. If you necessitate more powerful explications, get “game capture equipment” and use the software on your computer.

Moreover, there are multiple ways to record gameplay on Windows PC. Here in this article, we are going to show all the methods that you can use in order to record your gameplay without losing the FPS.

Use PC In-Build Game Bar To Record Gameplay

If you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 11 then you must what is Game Bar is and what it is used for in simple words you can use the Game Bar to record your gameplay on Windows PC. The process is simple for using the Game Bar.

Launch the Video Game on your PC and while playing the game press the Windows + G buttons together to open the Game Bar. Moreover, if you aren’t playing the video game on your PC and press the Windows + G buttons together windows will ask you for confirmation do you really want to launch Game Bar.

If you’re thinking about what can do with Game Bar, then the answer is you can

Use Game Capture Device To Record Gameplay

But if you need more powerful screenshots then you have to use some sort of video capture card or A/V device for your computer.

You can connect the game capture device to your PC via a USB slot and some software allow you to view capturing screenshots or recording of video which you are able to upload on YouTube or some other streaming platforms.

Use Gameplay Recorder App To Record your Game

There several gameplay recorder applications were available on the web. Such as Badicam, Nivida Shadowplay, Democreator, and many more. You can easily get one of this software on your PC and start recording your gameplay without yielding the FPS of your game.

How To Record Gameplay on PlayStation 5 and 4

how to clip gameplay on ps4
How To Record Gameplay on PC, PS4, Xbox, Stream

Capture Screenshot:

On Playstation 4 press the “Share” button on the controller down for a second. After this visit on the menu and select “Capture Gallery” and copy all the necessary screenshots from your PlayStation game console to a flash drive connected to one of the USB ports.

Capture Video:

Press the “Share” button on the game controller and then save a video. PS4 always records the gameplay and puts the last 15 minutes to save the video. Or else you can also press the “Share” button twice to start recording the video and press the “Share” button to save the video.

record live gameplay on ps4

Broadcast Gameplay: 

For broadcasting the live gameplay on Twitch TV or any other service. Just press the “Share” button and choose the “Broadcast Gameplay” feature.

How To Record Gameplay on Xbox One

record xbox gameplay
How To Record Gameplay on PC, PS4, Xbox, Stream

Capture Screenshot:

Just like PS4, the Xbox one also constantly record and store video of your Xbox gameplay. On Xbox one, you’ve to double-tap on the Xbox button and press the “X” button to capture the earlier 30 seconds of gameplay. Or else you can also press “Y” to capture a screenshot of gameplay.

Capture Video: 

To record video on Xbox one, you’ve to choose the “Snap an app” feature on the screen and select Game DVR for a more advanced gameplay option. Where you can record up to 5 minutes of gameplay video. You can edit the video using the Upload Studio app before sharing the gameplay on social sites. Well, you must know that you can also play Xbox Games on PC using third-party software.

Broadcast Live Gameplay: 

To broadcast the gameplay on Xbox one, select the Twitch app to stream the gameplay live.

How To Record Gameplay on Wii U

Capture Screenshot: 

On Wii U to capture screenshot press the Home button while playing the game. Now open the Wii U internet browser and navigate the image share website like and start uploading the screenshots.

How To Record Nintendo Switch Gameplay

record switch gameplay for youtube
How To Record Gameplay on PC, PS4, Xbox, Stream

You can easily record your gameplay on Nintendo Switch and then upload it on social platforms such as YouTube. Here in this short guide, we have listed an ultimate video that guides you step-by-step instructions you need to follow in order to record games on switch without having a hassle. Check the below-given video for more details.


How To Record Steam Gameplay

Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms among gamers. If you also use the Steam platform to play video games and want to know how you can record your gameplay then you must know there are some best gameplay recorders were available for Windows users.

how to record stream gameplay
How To Record Gameplay on PC, PS4, Xbox, Stream

Basically, you can record steam gameplay using two methods. The first is to use a steam build-in screen recorder and the second is to use the gameplay recorder software such as Badicam or DemoCreator.

Record Steam Gameplay with Build-in Recorder

Start the game. If you wish to record only Steam gameplay or exclude the screen actions of some programs from recording, go to Advanced Recorder and make some additional settings. When you’re ready, hit Ctrl + Alt + S or click the Rec button to start recording game footage.

Record Steam Gameplay with Gameplay Recorder

You can also use Gameplay Recorder software to record your gameplay while playing on the steam windows application. Most the YouTubers use third-party software instead of a built-in recorder because with gameplay recorder software you can easily record your gameplay in high resolution without losing the FPS.

How To Pause the game at the Right Moment for the best screenshot?

Generally, users don’t know where to pause the video game to capture good screenshots if you’ve noticed screenshots captured by developers always look better than what you capture directly. The best solution for this question.

The game developer hasn’t captured screenshots on running games, developers use debug menus to move the camera around the perfect position characters to capture screenshots. There is some game console that offers manually set camera position if you already played a game then you know the perfect position to capture the best characters at a time.

How To Capture Screenshots in High Definition in Gameplay?

The special software for the capture card or game capture box lets you adjust the resolution and allow you to save screenshots in high definition for more information check the manual setting of the game capturing box.

How To Transfer the Game Screenshots to a Computer?

You finally captured screenshots from the game console and TV and the final steps come transferring the screenshots. The captured screenshots were saved on your capture card or game capture box you can save them on your computer hard drive.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful. If this information is helpful for you then don’t forget to share it.

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