How To Enable Push to Talk on Steam – Step By Step Guide

When you playing the PUBG game you want to communicate with someone, Communicating with your friends in the squad. Communicating through microphone you listen to the unwanted background noise. Communicating time creates a background disturbance.

Enable Push To Talk On Stream

Always remember that you need to use the “PUSH-TO-TALK” setting to muted your mic until you’re not prepared to speak someone.

When you set the push-to-talk so remember this feature is situated under the Steam setting menu. It found a new home in the friends lists setting menu. To find the friends & chat, it founded on the bottom right corner to click the “Friends & Chat” icon. In this article steps to enable the push to talk. Enable push to talk on stream using this step by step instructions.

enable microphone in stream

  1.  Clicking the Friends and chat.
  2. Inside the “Friends and Chat” window click the Gear button top right corner that is called setting symbol.
  3. Open the friend list setting menu,
  4. after clicking the Gear button showing a new interface so that is a friend list setting.

push to talk in stream

Now select the “Voice” tab show the many tabs in the friend list setting, First of all, select the “Voice” tab scroll down to see the upper bar shadow type “transmission type” section.

active microphone in stream

Click the “Push-to-talk” tab in the voice tab many Setups are seeing. After “Push-to-talk” enable you can assign a hotkey to activate your mic.

When you finished the “Push-to-talk” setting you can close the window and play the game. Even if you want to set the additional settings like echo cancellation, noise cancellation and automatic volume. These all are enabled through default.

Wrapping Up!

Hope you find this article helpful if you have any question regarding the article or how to use a stream to connect with friends or enable push to talk on stream. Feel free to ask us using the comment box. Don’t forget to share the article among your stream friends.