10 Best Video Games To Learn English While Playing

Usually, there is a hardcore question what are some best video games to learn English quick? The answer is there are a couple of games to learn English while playing them on your device but it also depends on the English level and your goals.

Well here’s an idea. If you play video games you could determine to communicate with people who chat English from various countries. However, there are lots of different kinds of apps are available for devices like Android and iPhone along with websites.

In this article, we going to share with you some of the best games for learning the English language without having a hassle while playing them on your cell phone or computer.

Best Games To Learn English While Playing Them

We have gathered the list of video games app that help you to learn English while playing them on your phone. All the games apps are suggested by the English experts for good reason you can select any of these apps for your phone. According to your preference and features.

1. Repeat After Me

For learning English while play video games you could play Repeat After Me. It’s a memory game in which you to listen and repeat random sequence is played and you can also re-play it. Moreover, to start playing the game, you’ve to tap the image (“Score” given at the bottom left that goes from gray to white) in a key blink. The shade of the score will automatically change from red to green, that means it’s now your turn to play.

Now tap on the key the colour of the score changes from green to red, which means it’s not your turn to play. The game reverse plays the earlier series with one more casual key added at the end. After that, you can get the green light to playback that longer sequence. This is an epic game to learn English for kids.


Download: Android | iPhone

2. Learn English Sentence Master

Typically, the English sentence master is an educational game for kids to learn the English language in a funny way. The gameplay isn’t that hard for you, all you’ve to do is placing the scrambled words from every level in sequence to form an accurate sentence and memorize English while playing this game. However, if you select wrong English Vocabulary words in the incorrect order you get a time penalty for it.

games to lean english for adults

Download: Android | iPhone

3. English Skills – Practice and Learn

This app contains all the contents for learning English in a funnier way. Typically this game also called “Hangman” or “Word Search” with you can gain new English Vocabulary in no time but it also depends on your learning skills.

It is a fun English game, and if you’re bored with classic English lessons or theoretical lessons with English Skills you can learn the language with pleasant. The game also offers three educational content levels – Beginner, Intimidate and Advanced. So this is one of the best games for English learners.

funny classroom games

Download: Android |

4. Fun English | Learn English

If you’re searching for a magic lamp to help your children to learn English quickly then in this Fun English will help you out but it required cell phone. Fun English is an award-winning English speaking app.

With about 11 million users on Android and iOS platforms. Basically the app contains 470+ words and phrases along with 148 English learning games and 18 lessons. The app is designed by English teachers and education experts. This app combines a structured English language curriculum with pleasant and entertaining games.

best app for learning english speaking

Download: Android | iPhone

5. Pili Pop English

Pili Pop English also an excellent game app for learning English for kids. The main agenda of this app is your kids become bilingual by practicing their English oral skills every day. Moreover, it’s a Parents’ Choice Awards app of the year.

The app allows your kids, to challenge their English skills and improve them while playing with the challenging activities and word games designed to learn English more precisely without having a hassle.

Pili Pop English App For iPhone

Download: Android | iPhone

6. Learn English for Toddlers

You don’t going to believe me, This is app is the “world most downloaded app for toddlers to learn the English” language. This is an ideal app for learning English for toddlers for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Advanced “Education experts agree that speaking two languages has profound beneficial effects on the brain and development of intelligence in kids“. This app will be going to let your children learn by simply playing to learn basic words of English there almost 100 words with amazing games.

english games for middle school

Download: iPhone & iPad

7. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

This a one of the best games to learn English for adults. If you don’t want to play basic English games and want to go for an advanced level you can download Iron Blade Medieval Legends video game on your cell phone.

Because it is a JRPG game that has a ton of dialogues with text and voice, that help you to learn English while completing the missions of the game. This is game is one of the best-recommended games for English learners.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG offline

Download: Android | iPhone

8. City Island

Typically it is a building simulator game that helps you to learn English. While designing building structures and houses through provided elements. In city building games, you’ve to create your own city and build a community with the help of other players to earn money.

Simulation games allow their user to improve their tactical skills in a funnier way by building a city by numbers of skyscrapers, traffic systems, road rails, hospitals and much more. Moreover, the app has lots of videos and texts of English that help you over to learn English while enjoying the gameplay.

City Island 6 Download APK

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9. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of kingdoms is a Civilisation game in which users have to maintain the civilization of the city and lunch a war to conquer the entire world. The games are of all English Vocabulary words, you can learn English while playing this action games.

The game helps and improves your English reading skills especially if you’ve got an interest in history the games on 11 civilizations and 34 heroes warfare to win battles.

Rise of Kingdoms apk download

Download: Android | iPhone

10. English Crossword Puzzle

If you like puzzle games then you must try the English Cross Puzzle. It is a word puzzle game in which you’ve to crossword correct English Vocabulary words and phrases. Most importantly this game to learn English office words so you can play it without the internet.

The game has 100+ levels and you have to increase your level in a game while solving the puzzles with your English skills. Moreover, the game also provides hints of the puzzles so don’t worry about it. Just download the app according to the compatibility of your app and start playing.

English Crossword Puzzle

Download: Android

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you find this list helpful to find out your favourite game to learn English in a funnier way because these games make it more interesting and easier without having a hassle and stress. Feel free to ask questions and don’t forget to share your thoughts about the article.