How to Turn Off Fitbit Versa, Charge 3, Ionic, Alta HR

Turn off Fitbit Versa: Understanding how to turn off the Fitbit is not as essential as it was before, there is a great hand of improvements in the life of the battery, as it is the brick of necessary one which has taken out there.

As before we go for further discussion, it is necessary to understand the information on Fitbit such as what it is and many more.

As getting grips within and outs of the Turn off Fitbit Versa can be a bit tough for most people. Fitbit has been in discussion many times and is the market leader for wearable devices and has come out with the first wearable watch which will track all of the activities and the statistics of feedback.

Everyone out there needs the Fitbit’s pie but none of them can replicate the drastic development that the constant Fitbit is bringing out there. The launching of Fitbit was done about a few years ago and the company has brought out the Fitbit versa 2 and everyone has been attracted to it.

tracker sleep

Here in this guide, we will understand the best method for Fitbit turning off.

Turn off Fitbit Versa 2

You can easily Turn off Fitbit Versa. Whether you have the original Versa or the Versa Lite Edition, or the Versa 2, the performance of turning off is similar.

Step 1

Firstly, on the watch there, open the app of Settings.

Step 2

Then through the About option do the selection of the Shutdown and then click on the Confirm Shutdown button.

Step 3

For turning it back on, do the holding of the left button till the logo of Fitbit appears on the screen.

Turn Off the Fitbit Charge 3

You will not at any cost turn off Charge 3 or Charge 2 of the older one as you think of performing it. Other than this, the Turn off Fitbit Versa will only perform the rebooting of the tracker.

It means that the only method that the charge tracker will turn off is staying off as it will run out of battery. Though the method explained below will shut down temporarily and will give a restart to it.

turn off fitbit versa
turn off Fitbit versa

Step 1

If you have with yourself Fitbit Charge 3, then do the swiping of the Settings and click on the Reboot Device tab.

Step 2

If the tracker is not giving any response, then do the holding of the button for about a few seconds and then release it.

Step 3

When the icon of the smile will appear there and the tracker will vibrate, the tracker will get turned off and will then turn back on in an immediate form.

Turning Off the Fitbit Ionic

Just as like the same as Versa Series, the Fitbit Ionic can be turned off till you will decide for turning it back on. It is not just giving a reboot of Quick one. For performing this, follow the given steps:-

disable fitbit ionic

Step 1

On the given watch, open the app of Settings.

Step 2

Then at the same, click on the About button and then open Shutdown and click on the Confirm Shutdown button.

Step 3

For turning it back on, hold any of the buttons till the logo of Fitbit appears there.

How To Turn off the Fitbit Inspire HR

Just as the same as the Charge Series, you will not be able to turn off the Fitbit Inspire or Inspire HR. You can turn off it only in a temporary manner through the rebooting of the device or by running down the battery to Turn off Fitbit Versa.

fitbit watch

Perform the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Do the connecting of the Inspire HR or the Inspire to the Power cable of it.

Step 2

Then press and do the holding of the button for about a few seconds.

Step 3

Now keep holding it till you get the face of the smiley one and the tracker gets vibrated.

Turn Off the Fitbit Ace 2

Along with the Alta, Inspire, and Charge Series, the Ace, as well as the Ace 2, cannot be switched off.

Other than this, you have performed the rebooting of the Ace for shutting down in the temporary form. You can also run down the battery for getting it turned off for a better purpose.

Fitbit Ace 2

Step 1

Do the connecting of the Ace or the Ace 2 to the charger of it.

Step 2

Press the button which is on the charging cable about three times, then pause briefly in between each of the presses there. If you have the Ace 2, then do the holding of the button on the tracker for about a few seconds and then do the releasing of it for giving a reset to it.

Step 3

As the logo of Fitbit appears on the screen, it has been finally rebooted. Now you have to unplug the charger.

Turning off the Fitbit Alta HR

Just as with the same of Fitbit’s other kinds of fitness trackers, you will not be able to turn off the Fitbit Alta or the Alta HR and will have to put up the rebooting of the device.

turn off Fitbit Alta HR

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, put the Alta device on charge.

Step 2

Then press the button on the cable of charging about three times. You have to pause between each of the presses.

Step 3

As the logo of Fitbit appears on the screen, and the restarting of the

Tracker begins, the tracker will be in the rebooted form.

Review of the Fitbit Versa 2

As the Versa last year was the best company who have given their much efforts in competing of Smartwatch. The comfortability of it is wearing, better life of the battery, and also it includes all of the fitness advances of Fitbit and the features of sleep-tracking.

At the same moment, it fell for the other smartwatches on the market, which have supported of poor notification and improper features of productivity.

The original one of Fitbit was the best comfortable smartwatches that you can wear and the Versa 2 is as relaxed a watch as you can have. It is also lightweight and has the design of tapered one that hides the bulk of the watch well.

One of the wearables which are Versa 2 gives the best of it for its great design. They have the quick-release pins though the mount is in recessed form.

Fitbit has traded till now the panel of Versa LCD for the screen of OLED and it is one of the best upgrades that Versa 2 has brought till now. It is the most colorful and can be seared both indoors as well as outdoors. It enables the users to get the display feature which shows the time as well as the workout progress.

The display of it is surrounded by a thick, bezel in chunky form, which shows the effect of showing it in the postage stamp size which it has. The excellent battery life enables the user to get the most out of it to turn off Fitbit Versa.

Final Words

Here we have learned how you can turn off Fitbit Versa. We have also discussed various other Fitbit watches that you can easily turn off. Give a read to this topic and tell us the comment on it. Also, go for more topics.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to restart the Fitbit Versa?

Press and hold the back and bottom buttons on the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic. You should see the Fitbit logo on the screen after pressing and holding the back and bottom buttons. Be careful not to press the buttons too hard. You can also turn off and on your device if you are still having problems.

What is the procedure for turning off my Fitbit?

Then swipe to the Settings screen by pressing the Home button (left). Shutdown. Tap the arrow on the bottom right, then confirm shutdown by tapping the checkmark. Any button can be pressed again to reactivate Surge.

What is the location of the button on Versa 3?

A haptic side button replaces the physical side button on the Versa 3 like its predecessors. It works like a real button in theory, but the haptic feedback does not match the satisfaction of pressing a real button.

What is the best way to turn off Fitbit Versa with buttons?

Activate it by double-tapping the screen or pressing any button on the device. Home screens have clocks on them. From the top of the screen, swipe down to access notifications, music controls, and Fitbit Pay shortcuts. After two seconds, shortcuts disappear.

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