25+ Apple Watch Sleep Tracker

Searching for the best apple watch sleep tracker? Let’s discuss them along with the apps of it on this page. well, first we must know what is the purpose of the smartwatch sleep tracker.

What is Sleep Tracker?

Sleep Tracker is a feature or process that keeps a record of Sleep Tracking or we can say our sleeping activities. Currently, in this tech nomad, you can get sleep tracker into wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness bands.

Moreover, the activities that Sleep Tracker keeps in the record are following sleep duration, sleep phase, sleep environment, sleep quality, etc. Basically, with the Sleep tracker, you can easily find out if you’re able to get proper sleep or not, Else is there any health issues that affect your sleeping cycle.

Apple Watch Sleep Tracker To Buy In 2020

1. Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44m) Space Gray Aluminum Case

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS+ Cellular)

This watch comes with the best display that never sleeps. With the help of the display of On Retina, the users will always get the view of time along with the face of the watch. It includes the apps which will enable the users in keeping an eye on their heart.

They will get quick info on their heart rate, along with the rhythm of the heart. IT keeps the best tracking of the menstrual cycle, sleep, fitness, and even many more. The rings of activity here give the best tracking by increasing the progress and inspiring to exercise even more and better.

Purchase & Info: Apple Store

2. Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS+ Cellular, 44mm) Space Gray Aluminum Case

apple watch sleep tracker

This series of apple watch comes with the best display that always stays on. It shows the time as well as the necessary information. The best help which it gives is of emergency calling and the detection of the heart with the help of the ECG app. It offers the sleeping track to the users which is a great thing to have here.

The optical and the electrical sensors of heart here give the perfect service to the users. It has the swim-proof and the SOS Emergency feature which is the best help to everyone. It comes with a built-in compass that enables the users in navigating in it.

Purchase & Info: Apple Store

3. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS+Cellular, 44mm) Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop

Apple Sleeping Tracker

This largest type of apple watch is with the innovation of heart sensors in electrical form. It includes the notifications of heart rate. The detection along with the SOS emergency service is up to the best here. Workout compatibility along with the yoga sessions are up to the mark.

Various tracking formations of activities like sleep, exercise, yoga, and many more are there. It has the heart sensor of the optimal form. The dual-core processor along with the gyroscope and the accelerometer are great to have in it. It has a digital Crown service which is great for the users. The battery here lasts up to 18 hours.

Purchase & Info: Amazon

4. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 42 mm)

Apple Watch Series 3

This apple watch comes with the GPS service along with the best quality of optical heart sensor. Also, it has the app of apple watch which is much better for the users. The digital crown service is to the best along with the core processor in it. It is swim-proof and has the watchOS 5.

The perfect performing of the tracking here includes the exercise, reminders, and the sleep tracking service to the best. The gyroscope here has the ultimate performance and is in a great field. The case size here is 38mm x 42mm. The display area varies from 563 sq mm or 740 sq mm. The thickness of the case is 11.4 mm. Its power lasts up to 18 hours.

Purchase & Info:  Apple 

5. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS+Cellular, 42mm)

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS

It has the retina display along with the GPS service. The swimproof feature and the heart sensor of optical form are to the best. Streaming of the music and the store of it is to the great. The podcasts and the audiobooks listening have a better impact on the users from this.

Elevation quality and the emergency SOS gives a good form of service to it. The core processor of dual form and the 53 chip inside it is great. It has the aluminum case and the activity trends are perfect here. The tracking of exercises, activities, and sleep is to perfection. The loud noise performing of the telling of notification and the store of an app in it is best for the users.

Purchase & Info:  Amazon

5 Sleep Tracker App For iOS (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad)

Many sleep tracking apps are available for users. It will improve to the best of the way people sleep and will give a refreshing feeling every day.

Let’s discuss all of them:-

1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

It is the best device for wearing which comes with the easy form for the wrist. Best designed as a tracker for various activities for counting the steps and gives proper fitting.

Along with that, it is best compatible with Android as well as in iOS. More likely, It is properly clinically tested. The best service it gives is of training of the brain to make it even more refreshing. The power nap feature here is to the best. Various things which are the limitations are the basic free version along with the Android form of glitchy type is there in it.

Get It Now: iOS / Android 

2. Sleep As Android

Sleep as Android

It may not be the active type of comprehensive app of sleep tracking for the users but it has the versatile form of wearable types. The features here are much impressive and also it earns a great place on the list. It is best compatible with Android devices. The two-week free trial is there then after the premium is for about $6.

The best service here is the sending of deficit notifications in sleep. It is compatible with various kinds of android devices. The anti-snore feature here is to the best. The custom alarms formation gives actual performance to the users. A few disadvantages here are of need of manual turning on of it when going to sleep.

Get It Now: Android

3. Pillow App

Pillow app

This sleep tracking app is best designed with various formations for the iPhone as well as for the Apple watches. The recommendation here is only for the use of the best service for the apple watch. It will give even more service of accurate form. It gives the measurement of audio, heart rate, various movements of the precise form, and even many more. The gyroscope service is a great way here.

It comes with the best performance of battery life. Charging can be done here at a very limited time which will give the ultimate service last longer. It is best compatible with iOS and the apple watch. For the service of premium, it costs $4.99.

Get It Now: Apple Store

4. Sleep Tracker 24/7

sleep tracker app

For keeping things much easy and which comes in an average form, this app offers the analytics of complex types to the users. The data nut here is in the best package of a single type. It comes in the best-rated apps of sleep tracking all over.

It is best compatible with Android as well as in iOS. For the month it charges about $1.99 and for the whole year subscription, it has $9.99 for the premium service. The soothing sounds here give the gentle wake to the users and the snooze is much smarter. Premium features here are also to the best. A thing here that may impact the users is of expensive service of it.

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5. Sleep Score App

Sleep Score app

The setting up of this app is much easier. The better analytics along with the sleep trends here are to the best. Better advice of actionable here gives the specific effects of sleep goals to the users. Much accuracy is there in it and is the most transparent form as per the research.

The user-friendly formation along with the efficiency is much great. Premium here charges for about per month cost of $6. Users need to be fully committed to their goal and also be in self-motivation for using it. It has excellent performing of the various features which is to the best ultimate. It also not causes environmental effects on it.

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Here are the other kinds of watches available for the sleep tracking features in it:-

Best Sleep Tracker Wearables To Buy In 2020

1. Mozilla Fitness band Smart Watch IPx7 Waterproof Tracker

It comes with the all-day tracking of various activities. The performance of a taken number of steps, a distance of how much the user traveled, the number of calories users burned are to the perfection by this watch. It does the automatic tracking of the duration of sleep which includes the light as well as the deep sleep.

The vibration is there for informing the user about the incoming calls, messages, and various other notifications. It is best compatible with Android as well as with the iOS devices. It gives all the features of notifying the user about the notifications that came in his phone.

2. HolyHigh Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof Smart Band

HolyHigh Smart Watche

This watch comes with the display of HD formation along with the stylish type of dial time. The color display it has is of IPS. The fashionable large screen which is specialized in design with the four types of styles along with the interface of the display.

It is best for the waterproof in which the users will be relaxed when swimming. When the time of washing the hands also it is easy to wear at that moment. For the adventure also, it is to the best of their service. The notification performance here is also in great form. The tracking of the activities including exercise and sleep is perfect for the users.

Purchase & Info: Amazon

3. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

fitbit flex band

It has a better tracking performance of the goals with the tools of online forms. The recording of the steps taken with this here along with the distance traveled and the calories burned are to the best in this. The syncing of the stats as well as the setting of the goals gives the ultimate performance to the users.

It never gives the stoppage when the users are with Fitbit Flex. The most stylish device is of all time which gives the best motivation to people in being much more active with it. The tracking of the sleep, distance,  and calories gives the users a perfect form of stacking up with their goals. The sleep cycle tracking at night is the ultimate here.

Purchase & Info: Amazon

4. Bytite F8 Smart Activity Watch Sleep Monitor Health Fitness Tracker

tracker sleep

It gives the measure of the blood pressure along with the heart rate. The counting of the steps along with the calories is the perfect feature in it. The sleep monitor here with the syncing of the power is great. Color display along with the push information of the message gives ultimate affect to the users. It is a great alternative to Apple watch Sleep Tracker at affordable prices.

It is best to waterproof and has a display version of 1.3 inches of OLED black color along with grey and green. The charging it requires is for about two hours. It is best compatible with Android as well as with iOS devices. The battery it has is of 150mAh and the Standby is of 30 days. The BT version here has 4.0 and is fully waterproof.

Purchase & Info: Amazon

5. Opta – SB- 062 Onyx Bluetooth Heart Rate + All in One activity tracker

Kids Sleep Tracker

The best performance here is of the heart rate of the dynamic formation along with the bp monitor service. It gives the whole tracking of the heart rate around the clock form. The valuable service it gives of the information about the optimizing of workouts time.

The full-day tracker of various activities along with the steps of the distance covered takes to the reaching of various goals. Sleep tracking service along with many other forms provides perfect performance to the users. Battery life here along with the cycles of charging fully depend on the use of it. Charging requires the time limit of only about two hours of full extension for better performing.

Purchase & Info: Amazon

6. Honor Band 5 Waterproof Full Color AMOLED Touchscreen

Wearable Sleep Tracker

It has a display of 2.42 cms along with the adjustable form of the brightness of the screen. The vivid form of display gives the ultimate dynamic performance along with the button control of the home type. The TruSleep here gives the allowance for the recognition of the state of the sleeping.

The collection of various types of data and the analysis of it is to the best. It never stops the workout of the user and does the changing of the song as per the need of the user. The better allowance of the accurate time of the real type of the monitoring of the heart, as well as the warning given by them, are of perfection and best to have here.

Purchase & Info: Amazon

7. Misfit Wearable Shine 2 Fitness Tracker and Sleep Monitor

apple watch for sleep tracking

The proper tracking of the sleep as well as the distance traveled by the user is of the great impact here. Automatic form of monitoring of the given length along with the better quality of sleep is of the soothing effect. Alerts are given through the vibration and the LEDs are of tricolor in 12 types. Its has outstanding features and same body design as other Apple Watch Sleep Tracker.

Various new types of interacting ways are here. The motivation gives in the meeting of the health as well as the goals of fitness. It is better crafted for the grade form of aluminum and the various features hereof minimalist along with the design of modular form. The oriented form of action clip which does the holding of shine 2 is better for all kinds of activities.

Purchase & Info: Amazon

8. GOQii Vital ECG Activity Tracker

afforable sleep tracker

It is one of India’s largest form of healthcare preventive type of service. It brings the users about news forms of features loaded for them. The better kick starts it gives for the perfect lifestyle along with the better managing of ECG and the heart rate.

The in build steps with the USB charger service is for the best in the tracking of the exercises and measuring of the steps. Duration control along with the waterproof service being swimming friendly is best here. The battery here runs for about the time limit of seven days for the usage of normal form. The connection here is for the better extreme for the users.

Purchase & Info:  GOQII  / Amazon

9. Mevofit Bold Fitness Band and Fitness Smartwatch

Best Apple Watch Sleep Tracker

It is specially designed for sportspeople and athletes. The water-resistant feature here is of the IP 67 tracker of activity that gives the good form of distance, steps as well as of burning off the calories. The perfect tracking of the fitness of the users with the alert performance of reminders as well as of the weather.

The smartwatch in the rugged form with the sleep tracker, and the control of Gesture with the waterproof of monitor tracking. It provides notification access to the user of various apps. Also, it is much bold and is with the dongle of USB that can be easily plugged to the Laptops and other devices. It has a model of bold HR.

Purchase & Info:  Mevofit 

10. Noise Colorfit 2 – Smart Fitness Band with Activity Tracker

sleep tracker in apple watch

It has the Bluetooth connection of v4.0 and is best compatible with the iPhone devices. Also are compatible with the Android devices of 4.4 and more above. The charging can be easily done with the USB charging port and no loss of cable is there. Its has advanced features just like apple watch sleep tracker.

The full tracking here gives the optical rate of monitoring of the heart with the sleep and step tracking. The extra longer form of battery life here with the ultimate form of 90mAh with inbuilt Polymer Lithium of lon battery is great. It keeps the better touch with your smartphone whenever in together use. It has the modes of 14 types which is literally to the best formation of it.

Purchase & Info: Noise

11. Huami Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch


It comes with the outstanding service of battery life which gives the best optimization of technology. The endurance based on usage is for the 40 days on the scenario type and the 15 days of usage in typical type. It will keep the users in a busy form with the active performance of lifestyle.

There are built-in dials of four types. The transflective color comes with the resolution of 176 x 176 and the RGB color gamut of 64 with the best of always-on display in it. The tracking services which it offers is to the best for sleeping, exercising, and even many more.

Purchase & Info:  Amazon

12. RK enterprise M3 Activity Tracker Band 3 Wristband

tracking sleep

Users here will get the best black color of this activity tracker watch. It comes with the perfect bp tracker. The automatic set up with the phone is there which is to the best of the connectivity here. It is best suitable for all types of devices and smartphones. It comes in all types of assorted colors. Its has features same as apple watch sleep tracker.

The tracking of various activities here is the ultimate extension for the users. The tracking includes sleep, exercise, and even much more to perform here. The including of the GPS is there for better tracking and accessing the location. The showing of notifications of WhatsApp gives the ultimate reminder of it.

Purchase & Info:  Amazon

13. Forst Pedometer Wrist Band Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Sleep Monitor

sleep monitor app

It has the anti-lost, the control music of the band, remote of both videos as well as of a camera. The notification system of both phone and SMS provides the best service. The monitoring of sleep, calories, as well as distance, gives the ultimate service of it. It has the hour’s system of about 12/24.

The week as well as the date display if with the perfection. It is best compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. This wristband of a pedometer has a display of digital form. The waterproof service has inbuilt with various features that give better assistance to the users. The perfect fitting of it in the wrist is great for the users.

Purchase & Info:  Amazon

14. CLUBCLASSY D13 116 Smart Watch Smartband Intelligent Bracelet Fitness Tracker

Mototive Smartwatch

The best touchscreen color including the charging design of a better look it has. It is much convenient on the wrist and is easy to use. The optical sensor of built-in here along with the changes in detecting in the heart rate is in better formation. The monitoring of sleep along with the sport mode in multiple forms, the running, and skipping info gives the best services in it. It’s like Apple Watch Sleep Tracker.

Purchase & Info:  Amazon

15. ID115 Plus HR Smart Bracelet Color Screen Fitness Tracker

Lexxiv smartwatch

It gives automatic tracking to the user with the performing of heart rate, better quality of sleep to them. The proper workout along with a long time of activity performance is in the better formation. It gives the maintenance of the healthy as well as the perfect lifestyle. The notification of messages along with the calls is in great form here. Tracking of the activities like sleeping, exercising, and performing of various other work are to the best for the user.

Purchase & Info:  Amazon

Wrapping Up

I hope its information was perfect in understanding by the users about the various sleep tracking watches and apps of it. Tell us as feedback in the comment section. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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