10 Best Period Tracker Apps (Android & iPhone)

What is Period Tracking App?

Surely no looks forward to their periods, for this, you must know what is period tracking? but one the easiest ways to better understand your body is to keep track of 1×2 and making notes of your varying PMS symptoms.

Noting them will let you focus more on the changes your body goes through and will give you easily predict when your next period has to come so that you’re fully prepared when they are to arrive.

These apps analyze your body in a way a gynecologist would but on a device. They ask you questions about everything, including your cramps or the pain you’re having, your mood swings, your cravings, your sexual drive, tell about your ovulation, and of course, the pregnancy probability as well. These are some of the best period tracking applications.

Best Period Tracking App

Apart from all these, this app is at an utter benefit for those who cannot remember their period dates and end up messing up with them.

Getting to you 10 of the best period tracking apps would ease your stress the level best so that you can have an organized period.

1. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Cycle Calender App

The HelloClue also know as clue app one is named one of the top free period tracker apps by the obstetrics and gynecology journal. This one stands above the rest. Thanks to its sophisticated design. Not only the clue app does it track your run of the mill period in town but also your start-stop dates, PMS symptoms.

This period tracking app that the clue app additionally deposits tabs toward your sex life flows heaviness, and even what menstrual products you use. Using this, you’ll have a visible picture of the working of your body.

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2. Cycles App

cycles app

The Cycles app period tracker app is unique because it isn’t just made for you but was also designed with your partner. Invite them to join, and the cycles app they’ll see your cycle info though any notes and reminders you set are private along with your most fertile days so you can adequately plan some sexy time or no one to avoid it at all costs.

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3. Dot

dot tracking app

The Dot App stands for optimal dynamic timing, so what is the dot app? You must know the app which uses data sets to calculate your conception risk or chances for each day of your cycle using your period start dates. Again do not use this as birth control. It is not. Well, it’s also an best option for a period tracking app for girls.

4. Eve

ovulation trackering

The Eve app is an adorable app that has tons of cheeky features like a daily cyclist scout. The horoscope, like forecast, is based on where you are in your cycle as well as daily sex quizzes and a community of eaters to commiserate with about things like nasty cramps. Moreover, the Eve app is a great alternative for the paid period tracker application for iOS devices.

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5. Fitbit


Fitbit app Fun fact says eighty percent of Fitbit users don’t know how many phases are in the menstrual cycle, which is four, and seventy percent can not Identify the average length of their period, which is approx 21 to 35 days. To fix that, the accessible fitness and sleep tracking app have added female health tracking to their repertoire.

It stands on the top when it comes to period tracking a lot of women currently using the Fitbit app on their mobile phones to track periods.

Which is available on the versa of ionic smartwatches. You can see where you are in your cycle when your next period is predicted to start and when you are ovulating on the app. Long traditional details like flow intensity types of discharge, PMS symptoms, and whether you are having protected sex or not.

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6. Flo

Flo app is one of the best apps for track periods ever. It is password-protected, so nosy friends, partners or family would not know anything about your cycle unless you want them to.

ovula calculator

You can also sync your data with the flow app which is an apple health app and track your sleep duration, water consumption, and physical exercise or activity. Those trying to get pregnant, can monitor basal temperature test results and see the trackers estimate of your most fertile days.

The Flo app also provides knowledge about everything related to a female body and sexual pleasure. Your questions are answered by n number of people using the app. Flo app has news about everything in a female body as well as question and answers to solve your problems and help know your body better.

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7. Ovia Fertility

ovia fertility app

This period tracking app uses the estimation of your cycle to give you a daily fertility score or how likely you are to get pregnant that day. It can not be used for birth control. You can also track your nutrition information, excel, and customize the app’s backgrounds and colors. If you’re not trying to conceive, you can still keep tabs on your flow.

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8. Period Diary

Period Diary app

This app has more than thirty PMS symptoms and twenty modes available to track and syncs with your phone calendars so you can see all your period info in one place and if you do not want others to know you are one of the billions in people in the world to menstruate the application is password-protected, and the icon is labeled P D instead of a period diary. It also best period tracking app for iPhone.

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9. Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker

The easy to follow interface on this app keeps things simple. You press a button when your periods start, and then it takes care of the rest if you want to add notes and symptoms along the way in the apple—layout your period patterns and easy to read charts.

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10. Magic Girl

It is a teen period tracker app specifically. If you are new to getting your monthly flow or knowing someone who is, then the philosophy of pursuing your period in an app strength be intimidating. Luckily this magic girl period tracker was designed with teens in mind, making determining the digital ins and escapes of your circle pretty easy.

magic girl app

It also helps you learn about hygiene product option check with different girls and get period information and identify to understand your birth control pill—something we could all use. It is the best period tracking app for teens with advanced features.

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Wrapping Up!

These are one of the best and top-rated period tracking apps used by a lot of women. These apps help you keep track of every feminine hormone secretion in your body which eventually leads to everything, say it be your periods, your mood swings which disturb you and your energy a lot. So the period tracking app is way too helpful for females to track a period cycles without having a hassle on their mobile phone.

Then the cravings you have which are not only edible but of certain things or maybe a particular smell or something like that so there are a lot of measures of that too. Then the pain in your body which is either headache or backache or any cramps that you have. Your sexual drive and if it was protected or not or if you didn’t even have sex and stuff like that.

Additional Information

Some of these are password protected as well, so as if you want your menstruation cycle or the details of your hormonal symptoms.

In all, there are many more apps present for tracking your periods and symptoms and providing information about common problems, symptoms, and products that are available and are suitable for your body even in the days of your periods.

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