[Fix] PS4 Error CE 36329 3 Guide

CE 36329 3: An error code appeared a few times ago and the issue is still bugging with the users of PlayStation 4 who are giving a try for solving it and are continuing to use their console if none of the things has happened.

Though, the problem can most of the time be resolved through implementing the few methods that can be there for the solving of such an issue.

Many times the issue can be taken to the maintenance of the server and if it was the true cause then none other than you can do but only wait for the issue to go away.

ce 36329 3

If this is not the actual case, then do follow the given instructions that are presented in the given methods below for resolving such an issue.

Method 1 # An error occurring in the Friend List

Such an error code appears when the user gives the try for accessing their friend’s list and there are various ways as you can avoid receiving the error code just before Sony decides for taking of action against such issues. We have two ways that might work with it:-

First Method

Do the disconnecting from the Internet through unplugging the cable as when you enter into the friend’s list on the PS4 by doing the navigation to Friends through the function screen.

Then click on the Friends and do reconnect of the Internet cable or reconnecting to the wireless network on the given list. The error may disappear there.

Now the second workaround will do the proving to be permanent and you will not have to repeat it whenever it starts appearing again. Though, you will be able to do the downloading of the PlayStation App for the smartphone that can be used for solving the problem.

Second Method

Do the downloading of the PlayStation app for the mobile OS and then log in to the app with the credentials of a similar one that you have used on PS4.

Now open the app and then do the navigation to the menu of Friends. Then perform a few of the actions that you were not able to do on the PS4. Check there now if the error appears there on the PS4 or not.

Method 2 # Using the Different PS4 Account

The great thing here is that the error targets the account of a specific one other than the whole PS4 and its connection that means the issue can be resolved by the use of the different accounts of PSN.

Here we have explained the steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly start the PS4 and then do the navigation to New User. Now click on the Crete a User or User 1 which is available on the PlayStation Login screen.

Step 2

It will do the creating of the local user on the PS4 but not of the PSN account.

Step 3

Do the selection of Next and then click on the New to PlayStation Network? Create an account and click on the Sign up now option.

Step 4

If you will do the selection of Skip then you will have to choose the avatar as well as the name for the local user and have to play offline there. Then visit such avatar on the PS4 home screen for signing up for PSN afterward.

Step 5

If it is the first time for the use of PS4 then visit the User 1’s profile on the home screen of PS4 and then enter the required details as well as the preferences. Then click on the Next button on each of the screens.

Step 6

If the age of yours is under 18 when you are entering there your birthday, then you have to create a local user for playing offline and then you have to ask an adult for approving the account later on.

Step 7

Never give there the earlier date of birth as it is strictly against the terms of PSN of Use for providing false information there.

Step 8

If you are over the age of 18 and want to do the use of the debit or the credit card, on the Store of PlayStation, then take a proper check that the address which you have entered matches perfectly with the card billing address.

Step 9

Now take a proper check that you have access to the email address that you have entered as you have to perform the verification of it.

Step 10

Do the creation of an Online ID and then enter the first as well as the last name. The Online ID is visible publicly that the other users who are there on PSN can see.

Step 11

Now do the selection of Sharing, Friends, and Messages settings. It is only for the account and will not affect what the other users will see on the PS4.

Step 12

If you are under the age of 18, then the creation of the account will end up here and you have to ask either to the adult for signing in with their account for the authorization of the PSN access or playing offline till they do there.

Step 13

Do the checking of email and then click on the link of verification. If you have not received the account verification email, then do check the junk as well as the spam folders.

Step 14

If you still have not got it, then do the selection of changing your email address or ask us for resending the email. Do the selection of login with Facebook for linking of the PSN and the Facebook accounts or Do this Later on.

Method 3 # Uninstallation of the Game

In most of the cases, if you have installed the game recently, then the game may be causing such an issue due to the corruption of the files or maybe not be well sitting with the console.

Therefore, if you have performed the recent installation of the game on the console and the error appears at that time, then take a proper check for its uninstallation completely. The game of Armored Warfare here is the main one which is causing such an issue with the PlayStation 4.

Method 4 # Giving a Restart to PS4 in a complete manner

By giving a proper restart or a reboot to your PS4 you can do the fixation of such an error. The complete restart is most of the time a requirement as it will clear out all of the issues that are there in your game.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the CE 26329 3 with complete information.

The meaning of error code CE-36329-3

The system software has made a mistake. By choosing Settings > System Software Update, kindly clarify that they have the most recent version of the system software installed. Then, the system will resume. Please update its system software via Safe Mode option 3 if your are unable to access Settings.

How do I resolve the CE 30028 3 problem code?

Attempt to eliminate the program. Reinstalling this from the library after that. You can charge your console for 3 seconds by pressing the power key. once it is turned off.

Why does the system software problem on my PS4 keep happening?

Older system software versions, damaged game files, or software compatibility issues may be to blame if your PS4 reports a system software error.

Why does my PlayStation state that an application cannot start?

If application won’t launch The error code CE-30005-8 denotes either a corrupt game disc or that your PS4 console “believes” its hard drive is damaged

Final words

Here we have seen the error solution of CE-36329-3. We have discussed various methods for its solution. Give a read to all of the methods that are discussed here. Also, go for more topics.

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