How To Fix Error Code 224003 on Windows

Are you facing the issue of this video file cannot be played error code 224003? It usually appears when you give a try for watching videos online. By watching the videos on the self-hosted content website they occur.

Most of the time, the error appears when the player is tasked for the loading with .mov or .wmv video which doesn’t use the video codec of H264.

What Does Error Code 224003 Mean?

As nowadays most people like for watching videos online on their browsers. They can go to the website of the required player of the certain player media and can freely watch the videos without downloading the application of player media.

Such an error appears due to this condition. The issue mainly appears when you give a try for loading of the file in the format of nonsupport. Such an issue appears on both desktops as well as mobile versions of Chrome. This error is not there on the browser.

Only on Google Chrome, this error occurs mainly. If you are going through with such an issue the embedded media player in the browser is configured in the incorrect form or the browser cache, as well as the extensions, are disturbing the process.

Here in this article, we have discussed various methods for fixation of the Error Code 224003.

Method 1 # Clearing the Browser Cache

The browser cache as well as the cookies or the other kind of data may cause the error code 224003.

Follow the given steps below for clearing the cache of the browser:-

Step 1

When you have opened the Google Chrome, click there on the icon of vertical three-dot for opening the menu on the screen.

Google Chrome Settings

Step 2

Now click on the option of More tools and then do the selection of Clear browsing data.

chrome settings

Step 3

When you will get the given window, switch to the tab of Advanced and then set the Time range to the All-time.

Perform the checking of Cookies and other site data, Browsing history, Cached images and files, and the other items which you want to clear out there. Now check whether the issue gets solved or not.

clear history on chrome

Method 2 # Trying the Different Browser

If such an error appears on Google Chrome, then do not hesitate for trying the another browser for example Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It can provide you help for visiting the website and then properly watching their videos in most of the cases.

Other than this, you can also give a try for downloading the version of the desktop of the media player that all times provide a better experience to the user than the online version.

If you still want to do the use of Chrome for watching the video other than downloading or employing another one.

Method 3 # Disable the Hardware Acceleration

Most of the users have removed successfully the issue by disabling the hardware acceleration features in Chrome. You can also try this as it is a great method to perform.

For disabling the hardware acceleration, go to the Chrome Settings and then open Advanced. Now click on the System there and switch off the button which is next to the option of Use hardware acceleration when available.

Now you can easily visit the website and can watch there the videos again and check there if the error still appears or got resolved.

Method 4 # Updating the Google Chrome

In most cases, the media player may not give support to the current version of Chrome. Therefore it can be the perfect solution for updating the browser.

For updating Google Chrome just click on the menu of three dots and then do the selection of Help and then open About Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome will now perform the detection and will do the downloading of the latest updates in an Automatic form. As the process of update gets finished, the Browser and you will now be able for watching the videos again.

Method 5 # Turning Off the Extensions

We have admitted that most of the extensions help the users in browsing more easier. It will also provide a great user experience in the Google Chrome browser.

Though the various extensions may cause some of the issues like the error code 224003 as in this case. Then you can give a try for disabling of the Extensions that have been added to Google Chrome.

Click on the icon of three dots and then do the selection of More tools and then click on the Extensions. Then click on the button of switch which is located at the side of the name of the extension for disabling all of the items that are listed there.

Then give a restart to Chrome and check there if you can watch the video without the error of 224003.

Method 6 # Resetting the Chrome Settings to Default

Firstly, if you have seen such an issue without any of the results, then we have the final method which you can perform. It will do the Removing of the settings as well as the Extensions that are causing an issue there.

When you will perform the resetting of the Chrome Settings, then most of the settings will be changed there to the state of default one which will include cookies, site data, Extensions, cookies, or the themes.

As in actual, the only custom fonts, saved passwords, as well as the bookmarks, will be preserved there.

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, open Chrome and then click on the menu of action which appears as the icon of three-dot which is located at the upward right side to the corner.

Step 2

Now, go to the Settings and then click on the option of Advanced for expanding the menu of the dropdown.

Step 3

Do the scrolling of the screen to the downwards side till the section of Reset appears there. Click on it. You will have to give the confirmation again there. Wait for a while till the Chrome reinitializes there.

Reset Google Chrome

Now the Google Chrome will be back to the state of default one. May the issue will now be removed. If you are still encountering such an issue than the problem is beyond your control and it will require the proper configuration.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Error Code 224003 with complete information.

How can I resolve the 224003 error on Mac?

A error code 224003 can occur when Safari has gathered a lot of data and is making it hard to play videos. By opening Safari on the Mac and clicking Command + Shift + Delete, you can quickly repair this. As an alternative, you can select to remove all website data under Preferences > Privacy.

Why does error code 224003 occur?

If somehow the user’s browser is older or incompatible with the site, the webpage may be unable to load the necessary video codecs, resulting in the error number 224003. The problem may be resolved in this instance by updating the browser to the most recent build.

How can I resolve the error message “The video cannot be played?”

The computer’s network settings may have changed, which could explain why the video isn’t playing. You can easily solve this by going to Settings > Reset or WiFi & Network Settings on the device.

Final Words

Here we discussed the issue of Error code 224003. We have seen various methods for its solution. Give a read to all of the methods and tell which of them worked for you. Also, go for more topics.

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