How To Connect PS4 Controller To iPhone

Looking for some proper guides on how to connect PS4 controller to iPhone or iPad. The best part of iOS 13 is that you can use your PS4 controller to play games on your iPhone or iPad. Yes, it might sound weird, but however, it is a real deal. It is the perfect timing now if you’re craving to play the best Apple Arcade games with the gaming console-like feel.

It is Possible To Pair PS4 Controller To iOS Device

Currently, the obvious question is, how can you do it? To know it, please read the below-mentioned steps to learn how to connect a PS4 controller to an iPhone and iPad with iOS 13. With Apple’s recent launch of iOS 13 on iPads and iPhones, there are plenty of games that you can play using your PS4 controller.

PS4 Controller

Considering games like the Sayonara: Wild Hearts, Rayman: Mini, What The Golf, and also other sports outside of Apple Arcade such as Fortnite support PS4 controllers. So how will you do it? Follow the methodology and learn how to connect a PS4 to an iPhone and iPad with iOS 13.

Connecting the PS4 controller to your iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 is not so complicated. It is so simple. Just the same as joining any other Bluetooth device. It is an interesting fact that you can connect multiple wireless controllers also into a single iOS device. You will be able to pair an Xbox One S controller as well as a PS4 controller with your iPhone or iPad at the same time.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To iPhone

The games that take advantage of the local multiple player gameplay are rare. But you can enjoy them with the iPhone plus controller setup to the best if you find any. It involves putting the Pad into the pairing mode. From there, the controller can be detected to the Pad and thus will connect to your device.

  1. At first, please go to Settings.
  2. Then you have to move to the Bluetooth Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. After that, you have to press and hold the PS button and share the button until the light bar starts to flash.
  4. When the PS4 controller flashes white, it can be considered that it’s in pairing mode.
  5. In this situation, it will appear under the other “Devices section” in the Bluetooth settings.
  6. Now please select the controller in the settings to pair it.
  7. With this, you will do pairing the controller successfully with your iOS device (running in iOS 13). Enjoy playing.

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