How to Delete Profiles on PS4 Game Console

Searching for a guide on how to delete profiles on PS4. In this case, in this short informative article all the information required to know for deleting the PS4 user profile. The World’s one of the most popular gaming consoles, PlayStation 4, allows several different users to set up in its system by creating their accounts. If you need to delete a user account or your account, then the process is not a complex one.

How to Delete Profiles on PS4 Game Console

It is pretty simple in this article, we discuss the deleting methodology by which you will get to know about the removal of the profile PS4. Read the entire article till the end and follow the steps-

 Step 1:

At first, you have to Log in to your primary account. 

 Step 2:

Then turn on your PS4 and enter your login information/credentials as usual. It would help if you were signed in as the gaming console’s primary user to delete your as well as other accounts.

 Step 3:

Now, please go to “Settings,” and from the home screen, you have to push the left joystick up to bring the “options menu.” Continue using the left joystick to navigate and scroll right till you get an icon of a toolbox. You will find that icon labeled as “Settings.” Press the button “X” to select that.

 Step 4:

Then you have to open the “Login settings.” From that place, the settings menu, now scroll down to “User Management” and from there, you to click on “Delete User.”

 Step 5:

After that, delete the desired user. You have to scroll down to the user you want to delete and click on “X” and then confirm the deletion. Now, after doing that, follow the PS4’s instructions- If you are trying to delete your primary account, the PS4 will have to initialized must. After clicking “Delete,” you will ask to confirm the decision to begin the initialization. Doing that, your console restored to the factory settings.

You have to keep it in your mind that any data that not backed up will be lost permanently. Now to back up your data, please go to “Settings,” then “Application Saved Data Management,” then “Saved Data in System Storage.” Now, select the “Cloud” to save to the cloud.

You can also select the “USB Storage” to save to a USB device like an external hard drive. After that, select the game or app you wish to back up and click on “Copy.” Please get focused on not switching off your console while backing up as it may severely damage the system.

 Step 6:

Next, please check if the deletion was successful or not. Please log out of the PS4 gaming console and then again log back in. After logging in, if you find that the user is no longer visible on the options screen, then congratulations, you have successfully deleted them from the system!

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