5 Ways to Fix DISM Error 87 on Windows 10/11

Various users are fed up with the issue of DISM Error 87. Such an error occurs when the users are giving a try for running DISM on Windows 10 through the elevated Command Prompt. Though such an issue also encountered on the version of previous Windows as the frequency of the reports is a bit higher.

Here we have explained the various methods that will help you out in solving such an issue.

Causes of the DISM Error 87 on Windows 10

As we have done an investigation on such an issue by going through the various user reports and with the repair strategies that they have done the use of it for getting the issue resolved. Based on our research, various common scenarios are the causes of such an error.

DISM Error 87

1. Windows 10 Bug

The appearance of such an error is there when the DISM scan is running there and there can be the result of a bug in Windows 10 that can be resolved with the Update of Fall Creator. If such a method is followed, then you can solve the issue by the installation of all of the pending Windows update.

2. Improper Typing of Command Line

This is known as the most common error as it appears in most forms. It is due to the incorrect spaces before each of the / characters. In such a case, the solution is to the simplest which is line spacing.

3. The machine is the use of the Wrong Version of DISM

Such a scenario is encountered typically in situations where the user gives the try for applying the image in Windows 10 by the use of the older version of DISM. In such a case, the solution is for applying the Windows 10 image by the use of the correct version of DISM. It will be by the use of wofadk.sys filter driver.

4. The command not running in the elevated prompt

Another main reason why such an error is appearing there is if the user gives the try in running the DISM command into the Command Prompt Window of a regular one. In such a case, the solution is for running the correct command into the elevated Command Prompt.

If you are looking in the current time the ways for resolving this error message, then here we have explained the various methods that are the verified troubleshooting steps.

Follow the given explained methods, one by one:-

Method 1 # Using the Elevated Command Prompt

The main reason why such a message of error is appearing is when the users are typing the perfect command but are running on the Command Prompt of a regular one. As DISM commands which are similar to SFC scans require running into the Command Prompt of regular one for working in a proper form.

Here we have the steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, press the keys of Windows + R for the opening of the Run dialog box. Then type there cmd and then press the keys of Ctrl + Shift + Enter for the running of it.

dism exe image c cleanup image revertpendingactions error 87

Step 2

As when prompted by the User Account Control (UAC) do the selection of Yes for granting the privileges of administrative.

Step 3

Now under the Command Prompt of elevated one, type there your required command and then click on the Enter key for running it.

Method 2 # Doing the use of Correct Spacing

One of the common reasons why such an error appears us due to the spacing of incorrect form which is used at the time of typing the command of DISM. Such an error spears due to the incorrect spacing before each of the /. 

Therefore other than running the command like DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Scanhealth you should make sure that you use the one space before each of the / characters. The proper syntax of the command will be –


As when you will ensure that you have used the correct syntax of DISM, then click on the Enter key and check there if the command proceeds successfully or not.

Method 3 # Use of Windows 10 Version of DISM

If you are suffering from the issue when you give a try for applying the Windows 10 image the Apply-Image/DISM command on the version of earlier one of DISM, then the issue appears if you are in use of the wrong version of DISM.

Various users have found themselves in the same scenario and have also reported that such an error was no longer there as they have started for the use of Windows 10 Version of DISM with the driver of Wofadk.sys filter.

Remember that such a procedure will depend on the different kinds of platforms that you are in plan for use with the Windows PE. If such a scenario applies to the situation of the current one, then consult with the various Microsoft resources for dealing with the issue in the required scenario.

Method 4 # Performing the Repair Installation

The situation can be that most of the files that belong to the DISM are corrupted and requires to be reinitiated. As you can’t do the use of DISM for scanning and repairing the corrupted system files then you will require the use of different approaches.

A clean install is a necessary option but going with such a route will make you in losing the data which includes personal files, settings, applications, and even many more.

The perfect approach will be in performing the Repair installation. It is the procedure of non-disruptive that will give you the allowance for reinitiating all the components of Windows-related without giving the effect to Applications and personal files.

It means that you will be taken out from the trouble of reinstallation of everything and then reconfiguring the settings as the setup is completed.

Method 5 # Installing every pending Installation Update

The issue of DISM Error:67 can also occur by the bugs that are in Windows 10. That was already resolved in the year 2017 with the launching of Fall Creator’s Update.

If you are in use of the Windows 10 pirated copy, or in use of the software that blocks the Windows updates from their installation, then you have to bring the system is up to date form for resolving the bug.

If such a scenario is applicable there and you are in use of the license of legitimate Windows 10, then do the eliminating of the roadblock that is the prevention of the updates from installing.

Follow the given steps after that:-

Step 1

Firstly, press the keys of Windows + R for opening the Run dialog box. Then type there ms-settings:windowsupdate. Then press the key of entering for opening the screen of Windows Update of the app of Settings.

Step 2

Now under the tab of Windows Update, click on the Check for Updates and then follow the instructions of onscreen for the installation of each of the pending updates.

dism error 87 windows 7

Step 3

As each of the pending updates gets installed there, give a restart to the computer and then trigger another scan of DISM as when the next startup gets completed.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the DISM Error 87 with complete information.

How can I fix DISM error code 87?

In order to fix DISM Error Code 87 on Windows 10 and Windows 11 you need to follow these troubleshooting methods.

1.Properly use the DISM command line.
2.Clear the component store and roll back Windows Update.
3.Start the utility SFC/SCANNOW.
4.Use the CHKDSK tool.
5.Activate System Restore.

Describe error 87 Is the parameter wrong?

Error 87 while load library If required services are still not operating or there are data corruption files, then parameter is wrong message may display. Install the most recent drivers manually or with a 3rd program if this problem occurs on your computer.

Why isn’t my DISM operating?

If DISM occurred on your PC, you could be able to solve the issue by simply turning off some antivirus functions or running antivirus program entirely. You can try turning off your antivirus software if those don’t work. Restart the DISM check after removing your antivirus.

What is done by the dism cleanup image?

A Dism function called “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth” scans the operating system users are logged into that for damage and fixes any issues it discovers.

SFC or DISM would I run first?

All safeguarded operating system files, even those not physically located on your hard drive, will have their integrity checked by SFC. It ought to be utilized prior to executing DISM.

Final Words

here we discussed various ways by which you can solve the DISM Error:87. Give a read to all of the methods and also go for more topics.

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