Backwards 3 Guide To Use Reverse 3 Guide

Basically, the backward 3 or reverse 3 symbols are used to type the backwards <3. But there is some other way from which you can easily use the (Ɛ) symbol without typing it. Yes, you’re getting me right you can easily copy and paste from Ɛ and text.

It’s a Latin word embraced with the ampersand symbol in the Latin language. The symbol is also known as Epsilon and in this article, we guide how you can type it on your phone or laptop along with little history about the reverse number 3.

What is Backwards 3?

Backwards 3 is a Latin term the reverse 3 is translated in Epsilon in lower case. There are also some other meanings for this symbol such as Ampersand, the 3 texts in reverse and much more. That way it’s known as Reserved E or Reversed 3.

What is the use of this Reverse 3?

This symbol is used to represent love in online communication. Typically the backwards three symbols are used by generation X to show their love feeling to their partner by typing the reserve 3 in the form of a heart.

What does the Backwards 3 Symbol Mean?

In daily life, the Ampersand is used to amplify in design as an outsized lowercase epsilon Ɛ or a reversed numeral 3 which is superimposed by a vertical line. Moreover, an ampersand sometimes was shown as an epsilon with a vertical line above and below it or a dot above and below it.

reverse 3
reverse 3 look same as heart

The Backwards 3 or ɛ alt code Alt-code

To use the backwards 3 symbols on the Word Processor you’ve to type this code “0190” and press the keyboards shortcut buttons “ALT-X” together this will transform the code into the Reverse 3 symbol.

Do the (Ɛ) Symbol is Same as Reverse E ?

Technically, the answer to your question is YES on some of the extents this is a backwards or the reverse of the English Alphabet Capital (E) Symbol. Basically, this is a theory and it’s nothing this symbol can be interpreted in many ways.

How to Use Backwards 3 in Microsoft Word / Google Docs?

You can easily open Microsoft Word or Google Docs which are the word processor. You can use these platforms to get access to the Backwards 3 symbol and other character styles.

Microsoft Words:

  1. Open the Microsoft Word on your PC.
  2. Now, Go to the Navigation Bar and Click on the “Insert” button.
  3. After that Click on the “Symbol” button.

Google Docs:

  1. Open the web browser on your device.
  2. Go to the ( to open Google Documents.
  3. Now, go to the navigation bar and click on the Insert > Special Character.
backwards 3 google docs
Type Backwards 3 on Google Docs

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Backwards 3 with complete information.

How do you type backwards 3?

To type backwards 3 or reverse 3 on the word document. You have to type “0190” and then press “ALT-X” to transform the text into the reverse 3 or backwards 3.

What is the backwards 3 symbol?

The ampersand is usually defined as the reverse 3 or backwards 3 in the handwriting in lower case. The ampersand is a Latin word and is often seen as an epsilon with a vertical line.

What language uses a backwards 3?

The backwards E, reverse 3 or Pan-Nigerian letter Ǝ was used in the Latin language in 18 centuries same as the ampersand symbol.

Is the and sign a backwards 3?

The ampersand symbol is sometimes represented in the outsized lowercase Eplison Ɛ or backwards 3 a reversed 3 covered with vertical lines.

How do I type Epsilon?

To type the Greek letter such as Epsilon on your device. Press the “ALT” key on the keyboard and type 238 through the keypad.


Backwards 3 text is an epsilon letter that was embraced with the ampersand in the latin language.

Moreover, in this article, we guide how to type the reverse 3 or backwards 3 symbol on your phone or computer without having a hassle. 

In case we have missed out on some important information regarding reverse 3 then feel free to tell us using the comment box.

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