Logitech Mouse Not Working | 7 Ways To Fix

Logitech Mouse Not Working: As the reason why the wireless Logitech mouse not working is due to the low battery, USB drivers are not installed in the proper way, not proper in connection with the right port, on the place where you are using the mouse.

Such an issue applies to the different forms of scenarios though the topic is much generic. It is not certain that the issue is exactly because of the given reasons. Here we have listed various checks as well as workarounds for providing the solutions.

Removing the Batteries as well as the Receiver

Most of the time all of the things that require bringing the device back to its position are the proper reset of it.

In any of the resets, take out all of the components that also include the source of power and allow the device to get a discharge for a few minutes before plugging each of them back there. It is the suggested solution here as it works for all of the users.

Do remove of the Wireless Receiver along with the batteries that are located inside the mouse and wait for a while.

As it discharges in a complete form, insert the battery along with the connector in the USB port and check there if the problem of Logitech Mouse Not Working is solved or not.

Replacing the Batteries

As the Logitech Mouse Not Working is known for having various issues with the batteries. As they require a medium amount of power for the establishment of the connection with the wireless connector, they appear to drain more than the battery of the average one.

The weak batteries may indicate that the mouse is working properly though, in reality, it will not.

Do the replacement of the batteries and try to insert the good high qualities of them. Connect the batteries in the proper order and then try for connecting the mouse to the computer again. The problem will solve within moments.

Logitech Mouse Not Working
Logitech Mouse Not Working

Trying mouse on a different place

The surface on which you are keeping the mice is necessary to make it work properly. As various surfaces don’t support the working of the mouse.

As wood is the surface with the diversity on it. The mouse will work on a wood surface while it may not work on another one. It all depends on the surface that you have on which you are using a mouse.

Try for moving the laptop and check that if the mouse works on other surfaces or not. If you have a PC, then you may have to bring the different surfaces for working of nay of the mouse as it is designed in that form.

Testing on the other Slots of USB

The USB slots where you are plugging the receiver may not be working as you want it to work. As most of the USB ports don’t give support to the receiver while some of them do. Do the testing of the receiver on other kinds of USB slots.

If you have a PC, then try plugging the receiver in the slots that are present on the backward side of your PC. If you have a laptop, then try for plugging of all the USB slots that are present on both sides on the computer.

Check the type of slot of USB that you have plugged into the receiver. If you are inserting the mouse to the C slot by the use of a USB converter, then check that if the USB converter is working properly or not without any of the issues of Logitech Mouse Not Working.

Checking the mouse on different computer

It is a possibility that the drivers that are installed on the computer Logitech Mouse Not Working as you want because of which you are facing such issues of Logitech Mouse Not Working.

Give a try using the mouse on a different computer and see if it is working properly or not.

Test all of the functions of the mouse before going on for all assumptions. If it works perfectly on a different computer, then it means that there may be problems with the driver on the computer.

Reinstallation of the Default Drivers

Try for the installation of the default drivers as they are the main force of driving for any of the hardware. They connect with the device and provide control in the exclusive form of the operating system.

Uninstalling the drivers give the restart to the computer. With the restart, the computer will install back the drivers on the computer for Logitech Mouse Not Working.

Step 1

Firstly, press the keys of Windows + R and then type their devmgmt.msc in the dialog box and then click on the Enter key.

Step 2

Then do the expansion of the category of the Mice and other pointing devices. Do the locating of the mouse then right-click on it and do the selection of the Uninstall button.

Step 3

Then restart the compute. As with the restart, it will detect in an automatic way of the mouse and do the installation of the default drivers there.

If the installation of the default drivers does not prove the solution of a successful one, then you can try updating of the drivers either through downloading or through the update in automatic form.

Here we will give start with the update in automatic and then view for the solutions to such problems of Logitech Mouse Not Working.

Step 1

Firstly, press the keys of Windows + R and then type devmgmt.msc in the given dialog box and then click on the Enter key.

Step 2

Now do the expansion of the category Mice and other pointing devices. Do the location of the mouse and then right-click on it and do the selection of Update Driver Software.

Step 3

After that, do the selection of the first option that is Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows will now search the internet for the drivers against the model and then do the installation of the required one.

If the installation of automatic one doesn’t prove it to be successful, then you can go to the official website of Logitech and then do the downloading of the drivers after the inserting of the model as well as the build number. You have to save the driver to an accessible location.

Step 1

Do the navigation of the device manager and then click on the option for updating of the mountain.

Step 2

Now does the selection of the second option that is Browse my computer for driver software. Do the navigation of the location where you have installed the driver and have installed it.

After the installation, check there if the mouse is working properly. If still not, then perform a reset and then check there again after you restart the computer.

What are the steps I need to take to reset my Logitech wireless mouse?

Examine the underside of your mouse, and ensure that the power switch is positioned in the On position. You’ll find the button to reset the device below the power button. If there is one, you need to press and hold the reset button for a full five seconds in order to reset the mouse.

What causes a wireless mouse to stop responding, and how can I repair it?

New batteries are the solution to many of the issues that arise with wireless mice. Power switch: The bottom of many mouse devices include a switch that allows you to turn the gadget off and save battery power while it is not being used. Check to see that the switch is set to the ON position, and if the mouse has a power LED, check to see that it is glowing.

What may be causing the Logitech wired mouse to malfunction?

It’s possible that the mouse driver has to be removed, that it’s out of date, that it’s not compatible with the new system, or that there are driver conflicts. The vast majority of the time, you can fix the issue by just upgrading the drivers.

How can I get my Logitech mouse back into sync?

In all honesty, it couldn’t be easier. Simply remove the batteries from your mouse or turn it off, and then replace them before turning the mouse back on. There you go, the receiver and the mouse should now be successfully matched.

Wrapping Things Up

By performing the above solutions, you will be able to fix the Logitech Mouse not working. As most of the devices get stopped and the above solutions will be able to resolve Logitech Mouse Not Working.

Just go through with a read on each one of them and tell us on it in the comment section. Also, go for our more topics for more info.

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