Facebook Pic Load Too Slow | Quick Fixes

In this guide, we are going to show you how you can get of rid of Facebook Pic Load Too Slow issue on your smartphone.

If we discuss the first platform of social media that emerged only a decade ago and is reaching up to the top then it is none other than the Facebook app. It includes various other platforms that are Snapchat, Instagram, and even many more.

Users everywhere worldwide have gone through different kinds of issues where the images of Facebook are not loading properly.

It can maybe on Android devices or web browsers. Though Facebook has not released the statement of official one of the issues that we have faced with the main cause.

Here we will go through with various reasons that can be the which the issues are occurring and the possibilities that can be there which will fix them.

Causes of the not Loading of Images on Facebook

As we have seemed users facing various cases and performing research in their way and we are here to a discussion that the issues are occurring because of different kinds of reasons but a few of them are due to the network issue of the computer.

facebook pic load too slow
facebook pic load too slow

A few of the reasons why Facebook may not load the images are listed below:-

Due to improper network connection

This issue may not require any kind of explanation. If you have a bad connection on the computer, then the images will be there in the loading sequence of infinite form.

Not working of DNS

As the DNS server provides a pivotal role in solving the hostnames of various requests. If it is not giving any response to the computer, then you may not be able for loading of the images, or in most cases, Facebook might not be working properly.

Improper Entries of the Host file

The Host file is responsible for the handling of the hosts that are on your computer in local form.

If the host file does not include the proper entries of Facebook, then the data of new updates through Facebook as well as the images will not be able to load there.

Corrupted Network Cache

Just like the other devices, the network cache performs an important role in the running of network-related applications.

If the network cache is corrupting the data, then it may have a conflict with the new data through Facebook and images also will not be able to get loaded there.

Free Facebook

In most of the networks, Facebook gives itself in a free form without consuming any of the data through the plan that is given to you by which you are not downloading the images. If such a mode of free is in activation then the images will not be able to get loaded there.

Images Disabled

Most of the browsers like Firefox include the ability for blocking of incoming messages if the required property is in the enabled form there.

Then we can perform the checking of the Properties and can take a proper check that no such things are enabled there.

Installation of the Flash Player

Though Facebook not uses the Flash Player for its operations, in most cases, it may happen. The installation and enabling of the Flash Player may provide some help.


The Ad-blockers may work slowly on the browser to check that the Ads are blocked there. Though in most cases, at the time of process the application may block the images of Facebook. Therefore, disabling the ad-blocker may help.

Outage Server

In only a few cases, the service provided by Facebook itself faces outages either due to unexpected issues in the servers or due to improper maintenance of it. Perform the checking of the status of the server for confirmation.

facebook photos not loading
facebook photos not loading

Quick Fixes – Network Connection

It is the first step that you have to perform in solving the issue of images on Facebook that are not loading.

If there are a few of problems with the network and the Facebook client is not able in connecting to the image server, then you will not be able to load any of the images or videos. Here in the given solution, we are providing various tips that you can follow for a good connection.

  1. Give a try in connecting the other device with the same network and see that the images on Facebook are loaded there. If it includes there, then it means that some of the issues are there in each of the devices.
  2. Try for the speed test and check the speed of the internet. It will provide you an idea of whether you should change the network or keep the same.
  3. If you are in use of the public or organizational internet, it is a recommendation to switch to a private network. As the public and open networks have a limited form of access that causes websites for example Facebook in improper functionality.

Check the Server Status

The important to try as we move further to details of the technique is to give check whether the servers of Facebook are up and running there.

The down servers are nothing new with the platforms of social media. We have seen various cases that occur in a periodic form.

Always do the check of official server status and make sure that you also give a check to the other forums for users who have the same situation.

If you get any of them, then there is an outage from the backside, and will get fixed in some hours.

Check The Version of The Facebook App

As Facebook includes the free Facebook feature for various network providers. Users will be able to see the posts of the latest ones of whom they follow though they can’t view the photos shown there.

It is the known feature that has improved the user experience a much though as the headings explain that there are no photos available in the Free Mode.

If you are in use of Free mode, then click on the See Photos. All of the photos will be there.

Look for the Disabled Images

Another check is to see that the images are not in a disabled form on the web browser. But if they are, then not only on Facebook, you will not see any of the images.

If such a thing happens, then go for the check of documentation of the computer and look there which of the options you can select for disabling of the option.

The Setting of the Google DNS

The Domain Name Servers are used at the time when you are browsing on the platform but if the computer is not able to connect with it, then you may face issues where the images may not be able to load there.

When such a change on the DNS server to the DNS Google public, then the changes will reflect all of the applications on the computer. Such of a DNS server will work all of the time.

Disabling the Adblockers

Adblockers somehow improve the experience of browsers by removing the ads that you view on the computer.

They include the mechanism of in-built that intercepts the traffic and then passes on the version of the filter by removing the ads. Even the extensions of this may improve the experience but it may cause images of Facebook not working.

For checking the extensions of Chrome, type their chrome://extensions in the given address bar and then click on the Enter key. You can do the disabling of the Adblocker by unchecking the option of Enable. After that give a restart to your PC for saving the changes.

Installation of the Adobe Flash Player

As the Adobe Flash Player is used in the present era as the required application. Even if it is disabled by default in Chrome, the various instanced by downloading and installing it can solve the issue.

It never provides any of the overhead to the computer. By visiting the website of it you can install it and can check if its issues are solved or not.

What is the recommended picture size for Facebook?

The suggested picture size for posting photographs and sharing links with an image on Facebook is 1,200 pixels wide by 630 pixels in height. No matter whether you’re uploading a landscape, portrait, or square picture, Facebook will automatically resize it to 500 pixels wide and adjust the height proportionately.

Are there no restrictions on copying photographs from Facebook?

When you upload a photo to Facebook, you automatically grant Facebook a licence to use any intellectual property content that you post. According to Facebook’s current Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, this licence is non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, fee-free, and global in scope.

Is it possible to download all of Facebook’s photos?

You may download each of your photographs individually, but you also have the option to download them all at once. Both mobile devices and your PC may be used to complete the task (Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.) The “Your Facebook information” area may be accessed from the “Settings” menu, which provides the simplest method for retrieving all photographs.

How can I download all of my images from Facebook onto my pc at once?

You may also save images on most computers by opening the photo, right-clicking it, and choosing “Store image as…” (or a similar option) from the ensuing drop-down menu. After that, you can pick a place to save the photo, and then click “OK.”

Final Words

Here we discussed various ways in which you can load the images on Facebook. By following such methods you can fix the issues with Facebook images. Give a read to this topic and give us a comment on this. Also, go for more topics for more information.

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