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What is Facebook Marketplace?

A decade ago, when we used Facebook, do you had any idea that you can buy or sell things through this gigantic social media platform? Well, we are here! Now, we can. We all know, Facebook is an online platform where people all around the world connect. Facebook has more than 1.7 billion users and to keep them more engaged with their platform, they introduced an extension in their business model in 2016, which is called Facebook Marketplace.

The platform which is provided by Facebook (Facebook Marketplace) is somewhat similar to eBay. But, they give you one added feature which is you can chat with the party with whom you are dealing over Messenger App. This chat function is also provided by OLX and other platforms but Facebook has the advantage that more than billion people already use Facebook so that makes Facebook Marketplace a better option for people to buy or sell things as you will get more options and more items.

So now, let us know how were the things for Facebook Marketplace when it was introduced back in 2016 it was like garage sale which was taking place on an online platform. And talking about today’s world, Facebook Marketplace is used in more than 70 countries and approximately 1 billion people are using this Marketplace by Facebook. That’s huge numbers, right? So, coming to the point, the question in your mind would be, what sort of things we can do on Facebook MarketPlace and what things you can sell on this platform? Sit tight, we are gonna answer each question of yours.


Facebook Marketplace Customer Support

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Facebook MarketPlace FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1:  Can we sell new products or pre-owned items?

A: You can sell both types of products on Facebook Marketplace.

Q 2: Who can list products on Facebook Marketplace and the user can browse products on Marketplace?

A: Anyone can list their product and services on Facebook Marketplace and a user can browse easily by selecting a category of the product then you can check-in on groups or you can directly go to the stores to purchase the product.

Q3: How we can good deals on Facebook Marketplace?

A: If you like a product you have an option to save that product in saved items. After that, you can keep track of that product and see if the price changes of that particular product and you can also see how many people have viewed that product. Facebook automatically will suggest you with the same kind of products that are in Facebook Marketplace and it will fill your feed with the same kind of deals. Then, you have to turn on your notifications of saved items, recommendations for you, similar items and deals(it will show top deals on the product).

To turn on your notification, you have to go to settings and then click on, on all the categories that we have mentioned above. Another main key for a good deal on Facebook Marketplace is to negotiate with the party. You should try to bring other parties close to the price on which you are comfortable buying or sell the product as we have already told you that if you are using Facebook Marketplace you can chat with the part on Facebook Messenger App. And, the next thing is that you should always check Marketplace frequently as it will increase your chances of finding the best deal for yourself.

Q4: How to use Facebook Marketplace?

A:  This thing we will explain in several points-

  • To go in Marketplace, click on a store icon on Facebook Website or on Mobile app.
  • If you want to sell a product, first of all, click on the + button. After that either take a picture of your product or if you already have an image then, you can upload that image. After that add a description of your product like what that product is all about, what are the special thing about that product, whether that product is new or old and if old, how old is that product. All these things would be written in the description, the add location, and at last price of the product. Just that’s it. After moderators approve it, the listing will go live on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Talking about a buyer, you can easily search what you want or you can browse as mentioned in the above question. You can also use various filters to narrow down your search. The options that you can use for your search are location, seller’s rating, price of the product and many other options too. After finding your perfect match of product, you can have a conversation with the selling through Facebook Messenger.

Q5: How our Facebook profile should be for Facebook Marketplace?

A: You should create a professional profile as there is no buyer protection or price protection so that you don’t leak out much about yourself. You can create a professional profile or you can just simply update your profile with information that will attract a buyer and when purchasing something update your profile in that way that you don’t give up your personal information.

Q6: How to take more advantage of Facebook Marketplace as a seller?

A: You can take more advantage of Facebook Marketplace by- uploading pictures of higher resolution so that buyer can see the item in a good way, priced high from the expected price and then negotiate with the buyer as you know that, the buyer will negotiate with you and next is sell the item as soon you get a good price for your product as you know that tons of sellers would be selling the somewhat same type of product that you are offering.

Q7: What to do if we face any problem on Facebook Marketplace like- scam, harassing behavior, etc.?

A: If you face any problem on Facebook Marketplace then, you can just report it to Facebook. You can easily find a Report link on the listing detail page or seller/buyer’s Marketplace profile. See, that easy!

Q8: What happens if we block someone on Facebook Marketplace?

A: If you block someone on Facebook Marketplace then you will not be able to see other product listings by that blocked user. Also, you can not sell any message to that particular person. But, messages which were exchanged between you two will be there in the chatbox.

Q9: What sort of things we can buy or sell?

A: On Facebook Marketplace, you can find almost everything like- Tv, car, refrigerator, car, real estate and many other things too. People and even businesses can list their products for sale, whether they are old or new items.

As we are talking about buying and selling items on Facebook Marketplace, businesses can use Facebook Marketplace for developing themselves. But how? Wait on, we have the answer to this question too.

A business can build a bond with their audience by winning their trust. But how can businesses do that? They can do this by having one on one conversation on Facebook Messenger. A business can sell their best products to the customers that are available on Facebook Marketplace, and if customers like the product than they would gain trust in the seller and it would help in increasing the business of the seller.

The marketplace is now not only a Garage Sale as now on Facebook Marketplace you can sell new products on this platform. So, it opens so many opportunities for business to wonders in the future. As Facebook provides an amazing platform for businesses to sell their products, they should use this business to sell their business and acquire more and more customers.

Now as we have seen so many benefits of using Facebook Marketplace, now let us see what are the cons of using Facebook Marketplace, as it was not an easy task for us to find cons of this amazing platform but after a lot of research, we got these things which made it in the list. So let’s see what these things are-

  • There is no buyer protection on Facebook Marketplace as when you buy or sell anything on Facebook Marketplace then, your profile gets exposed.
  • There is no bidding system- like eBay. That makes the process not so transparent as you will not be able to adjust your price.
  • There is no specific section to provide feedback, which is also a kind of con of using Facebook Marketplace.

Wrapping Up! 

So, these are some of the things about Facebook Marketplace. This is an amazing place for individuals, businesses to purchase or sell an item, but there are some cons too, but we know, how big Facebook is and how innovative they are. They must be working on these things to improve.

Apart from this, we can see what a fantastic platform this is for budding businesses and if you need something for a temporary purpose like second-hand products, you have tons of options on the Facebook Marketplace. So, go on Facebook Marketplace, buy many things to sell many things and get the best experience from it. Have a nice day you all!