How To Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms across the world. You can easily sign up for a Facebook account and add friends and family for sharing photos and communication using Facebook chat.

More importantly, sometimes there some important message conversations on your Facebook account that mean a lot for you. if you’ve accidentally deleted these Facebook messages and However, to avoid this type of situation you can also generate a backup of your Facebook account.

How To Recover Deleted Messages On Facebook

Now the question is can you recover deleted Facebook messages? yes, you can regain deleted messages from your Facebook account, there are some possible methods from which anyone can save their messages.

unfortunately, currently, there is no option to recover deleted messages from the Facebook account.

According to Facebook, you cannot able to recover messages that you’ve deleted from your own. But there some methods to get them back.

Methods To Recover Deleted Messages On Facebook

There some trickly methods from which any facebook could get their messages back on Facebook account. These are the following methods that apply.

  1. Ask the other person ( The person to whom you’ve to send the messages on FB)  to send you a copy of the messages back.
  2. Restore the backup file of your Facebook Account to retrieve the messages (if you’ve created a backup of your Facebook account ) you could easily able to rescue the deleted messages on Facebook by this method. All you’ve to do is restore the last Facebook account backup from your device.
  3. Contact Facebook Customer Service for more help to restore the deleted messages. They will help you out in this issue. After confirming the owernership of your facebook account.

Currently, these are the three options are available to reclaim the deleted messages from facebook. Because the facebook doesn’t have a feature to overcome delete messages like other social platforms.