8 Drawing Ideas for Girls

In this article, we will be discussing some drawing ideas for the girls. Read this article till the end so that you can find out some amazing drawing ideas. If you want to keep yourself busy with arts, here are the ideas that you can implement.

Drawing Ideas For Girls For Painting

Drawing Ideas For Girls

Idea 1:

You can take help from Skillshare. It is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and artistic people. They have classes on some most interesting topics like fine art, illustration, film and video, graphic design and more. You can get a lot of drawing ideas from here. You can explore your artistic creativity here in a broader way.

Idea 2:

You need a paper, a thinner tip like a pen, and a thicker tip like a marker. Using them you can go for nice doodle art. All you have to do is, draw a dot on the center of your paper and draw a wavy line going from the dot through the edges of the paper. Repeat that several times and you will come up with a nice wavy structure. Now you can give a 3D effect also but drawing a curved line between two wavy lines starting from the dot end to the edge of the paper. You will end up drawing a very interesting pattern.

Idea 3:

Draw three or four teardrop shapes that connect the center just like a flower shape but with no center draw. Draw another layer of that flower within it. Now keep drawing the petals until there is no space left on the page. You will come to a very nice drawing. You can also start with several flower-like structures here and there on the page and continue extending the petal shapes.

Idea 4:

Use a fine tip marker to draw a circle anywhere on the page. Fill the larger circle with a bunch of smaller circles. Now use a larger tip to draw five or six petal-like shapes. Draw a line that comes out from the center of the flower that goes up squiggling a little bit and then goes back down again. Keep repeating until you find a shape that resembles a flower to you. You can also make the flower longer if you want by adding other layers.

Idea 5:

Draw random blobs with the marker all over the page. Now draw a small circle with a thinner tip at the center of each blob. Then draw a few small petals surrounding that little circle. Keep drawing until you get the half-size that you want it to be. Now continue drawing like the same pattern, but this time with the larger petals. In the end, you will come up with an amazing drawing.

Idea 6:

Use a thicker marker to draw some wavy mountain shapes all over the paper. They should be more of like a triangle. Then use a thinner marker to draw small straight lines with minimum gaps between two to fill each wavy triangle shape. Continue doing that and you will come up with a nice drawing. You can implement this drawing idea.

Idea 7:

Take a thicker tip and draw some curvy shapes just like algae. Now use your thinner marker to fill each curved space with the same curve shapes going on top of the page. Continue until the size squeezes. This is also a great drawing idea to implement.

Idea 8:

Draw a bunch of Asoka chakra shapes all over the page. You may overlap one shape with another. Then fill the rest of the exposed part of the page with your marker (thick).