Free Sports Streaming Sites: To Watch Live Sports

Free sports streaming sites are hard to find on the internet. Well, don’t worry we have gathered some free live sports streaming platforms that working in 2022 for free of cost on the phone and computer.

free sports stream

1. RojaDirecta

This website has been a great platform for watching sports. It gives various information for the favorite sports of yours that includes the events that are present and are upcoming. We can get details too of the arriving fixtures here.

The website has the disadvantage of not providing the categories in a well-defined form. Though we can still get the upcoming matches by the use of the homepage. It is possible due to the search bar which is located at the above of fixtures. If any of the queries are there, you can search and the related results will appear. Along with sports streaming, it provides updates in regular forms.

2. NFLBite

Such a platform for streaming is in full dedication to provide NFL coverage in a freeway. Users here can watch any game and can get updates of their favourite team too. This actually works as a hotspot for the users of Reddit.

We can also go for the streaming of news here that can be a better update to have. The journey here began as a community which was created on Reddit. By a tiny group, the development went further by providing high-quality streaming for the content of the NFL. They keep a better focus on giving great quality coverage other than the quantity.

3. NBA Bite

This website provides a free content service that gives the allowance to the viewers in providing their favourite sports in the form of HD quality. If you have a proper internet connection, then you can go for easy streaming on this site by any location worldwide.

It gives you access to various sports in better compatibility. The great library of sports is included here. The content of trivia is also available here. The user interface is very excellent to have. Streaming links are of great quality. Contents here are in fun and interactive form. The disadvantage here is that it is not ad-free. Users can easily access the live match in real-time.

4. LiveSoccerTV

LiveSoccerTV has been the great one and has made their trust in the best football guides. They provide major leagues, news, and various updates worldwide. Easily, it is a TV guide that gives the match coverage along with the streaming schedules.

The notification updates and live matches as well as the necessary information are to the best here. The featured stories, previews of upcoming matches, league standings are also included. Football coverage to the depth is taken. Video playback is to the best and also has an app for the website. The disadvantage here is that transfer buzz is not included.

5. WorldCup Football

It provides the best links in HD quality for streaming sports to the users. Not only football games are there. The soccer or NFL games streaming is also included. Users can also chat here with other game lovers. Such a feature of chat gives the allowance in staying connected with the other users and can also share the opinion.

There comes a blue pattern that blends in a good manner with the website. It includes the best content coverage in expansive form. The feature of chatbox here is in a better appearance. Full support of Chromecast is given here. The disadvantage here is that there are various intrusive ads. Various misclicks can appear in the frequent form and redirects too.

6. Cricfree. sc

This website is one of the most trusted brands in the direction of sports streaming worldwide. It gives its viewers the best access to the favorite sports by the links throughout the web. All the various free portals of streaming with the required communities are there as compared to the other streaming websites.

It is said that none of the amounts is required to be a member of this website. There is a better quality of streaming here. The design is in a clear form. Free membership is available to users. The disadvantage here arises with the annoying popups and there is mandatory registration here.

7. Feed2all

This sports streaming website allows its users in watching more than twenty-five sports in a single place. Such a website gives a better competition to the VIPLeague, by providing better content when it is the place for sports streaming.

It does use a simple user interface and a better network. The better capture of audience imagination is there. There is better coverage of sports in extensive form. The adjustments of time zone have been made in a better way. There are various links available on this platform. The disadvantage here is that the updates require much time to get complete. It is one of the best free sports streaming sites in our list.

8. SportMargin

Such a news website is based on sports news which delivers better quality content to their viewers. It covers the prematch as well as the post-match and gives better streaming details. None of the illegal links are provided by them.

They give legal links to the services of premium. Viewers can easily stay up to date with sports worldwide. There is better coverage of football in depth. The streaming details are included herein in various sports. The disadvantage here is that there are many ads. Also, video content is there in less form.

9. LShunter

It is a sports directory that keeps its focus on giving information to the audience. A change is given to the users for doing the selection of sports from worldwide. If you need to watch sports online, then you can go to the catalog which will show the upcoming events.

The website also gives the users a wholesome experience in a single place. There is the advantage of a sports directory here. A wide range of sports including fixture details is given. The sorting features are up to the mark. The disadvantage here is that there is no platform for streaming. There are unreliable links as well as frequent redirects. The layout is also in poor form.

10. MamaHD

It brings live sports to the platform in a better way. Other than the live sports streams, we can also go here for the schedules as well as the highlights of videos of various games. Here, we can access the worldwide sports range. There have been more than millions of visitors in just a  month.

The sports streaming here is made free for the audience. Other than the HD quality which it provides to its viewers, we can also go for chatting with millions of streamers here through worldwide.

11. FromHot

This website allows the users to access the various sports by giving them the required links in a better form. Along with the events of sports, we will also get here the content of movies, TV channels, all for free.

The great thing here is that they give the IPTV channels by which we get redirected to the quality site. There is a wide range of content available here in a good manner. The TV channels include a sorting feature to the best. The disadvantage here is that it does not host the content and has static ad banners.

12. Jokerlivesstream

Here users will get the quality links of various sports matches. It does not host the content, it gives the various li ks which includes sports and its events. We can do the selection of the various range of sports which we need to stream.

There is a vast coverage of sports here. It includes links to the fixtures of less popular as well. The chatbox is also there is a proper quality. The disadvantage here is that it lacks the section of the footer. The home page design is not in an improved form. The sign-ups are important here.


It is the best source of sports streaming which gives the events information worldwide. The streaming here is in HD quality and you will not be redirected to the third party website. It is a full-fledged platform on its own. When its comes to free sports streaming sites the live sports is the best option for streaming live sports

The great thing about this website is that you don’t have to perform the registration. There is better sports coverage in extensive form. The design is in a simple form. There are betting odds included with great quality streaming links. The mobile service is also fully optimized. The disadvantage here is that the match details may get empty till the last minute.

14. Sport-Hub

This website provides user access to a wide range of events of sports. We can easily check out here various options of statistics that are available here on the website. It gives the allowance to the users to get the view of a wide range of sports events due to which, it has been ranked as the highest platform for sports streaming.

The content coverage here is to the great form. There is a real-time newsfeed. The stats here are in-depth way. The layout appears in a decent type. The update is fully text-based.

15. StreamWoop

Such a website provides access to various sports by giving quality links in better coverage. You will get live sports here and various highlights of games. It provides a great user experience. We can go to the streaming of any sports event here and there are no banner ads included.

There are very few ads included here. The design is very intuitive and has great links for streaming. The disadvantage here is that it required to sign up of the users. There are frequent misclicks on the website. Overall, the performance of this website is to the best.

16. SportRar

This website provides information in the comprehensive form with various fixtures, predictions, as well as streams. It works in the form of a sports directory. The links are not provided here but it gives names of various platforms where we can get those fixtures. The chatbox here is to the great extent. Such a feature is located under the TV channel and streams of official ones.

The user interface here is in amazing form. The sports coverage here is an in-depth way. The chatbox gives the ultimate experience for chatting with other sports lovers. The inner page is better designed in a great way. There are no streaming links here.

17. SportLemon

It gives the sports streaming in a widespread form which gives the sports coverage in a comprehensive form. The free streaming service is provided and it has been free at the time when premium services were used by all sites. This website is known as the best-respected platform.

The content coverage is in great form. Design made here is to the great extent. The disadvantage here is that there is no content available. Third-party redirects are there. It is misleading of the website.

18. MyCujoo

This platform of sports streaming gives their users the allowance for watching the matches as well as highlights live. It was launched in the year 2015 along with its app.

It offers its users sports coverage for free. This website is more than sports and includes various content. There is an innovative approach here. The broadcasting capabilities is to the great extent. There is quality streaming available to a great extent. The great interface is available here.

19. FootyBite

It is the best platform for lovers of football. Users will get here match updates along with transfer scoops and match reactions. It covers the leagues of football worldwide.

The website design is to the great extent. The coverage of the football stream is expansive. It includes the latest updates and news. Twitter feed integration adds up to the advantage here.

20. SportSurge

Being in one of the leading portals of sports streams, it includes football as well as various other games too. The top quality links are given here. There is no bluff content. None of the pop-ups are there or any banner ads. The quality links, as well as the proper interface, are shown to the viewers. The disadvantage here is that it is currently in the mode of beta.

Wrapping Up

Here we get to know the twenty best websites that provide free sports streaming sites. You can select any one for yourself to watch sports for free.

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