What is Android 21 What Should I Know About It?

If you are in the world of the gaming community and you are searching for the information on Android 21, then you are on the perfect page. Here we have made the discussion on all about Android 21, the character of it, and even many more.

What is Android 21?

Android 21 is in actual the antagonist of the main one of Dragon Ball FighterZ. She is a character of Android which is made by Dr.Gero and the intellect rivals of her get surpassed by her own. As Android 21 was before a human until Dr.Gero converted her for the best of Android.

She is the mother of the son of DR. Gero who afterward became the template for Android 16. She was even much smarter than the Dr.Gero. The voice of her was given by HoukoKuwashima who is a Japanese lady and Jeannie Tirado converted it into the English version.

Physical Appearance of Android 21

Android 21 is shown as a busty scientist with having long hairs with glasses on her face. She also has a ring of gold on the middle finger of her left side and also nails of black. There are hoop earrings on her ears along with the sleeveless dress of blue and red color with black stockings.

She has blue and red heel boots. In the real form, Android 21 skin turns into the pink her ears get the proper point and her eyes get blackish-red sclera and also have a tail. The attire of her gets changed to the black tube top and also the black arm sleeves along with the white baggy pants. She resembles the Majin in her appearance. Her look in the final form has the same as MajinBuu and also has the best power of Goku, Buu, Cell,  and many more.

Android 12

She appears as the body of curve and gets the look of trail Z fighters and reveals in the talk of private to the player. The appearance is like an adult but in actual she is less than ten years old.

She regrets that she is not an adolescent. It gives her awkwardness when little children address her as ma’am. She acts like the brat of spoiled when no way is given to her. Just like Goku, who lives to fight even allowing the opponents of her before the stronger one for enabling her to gain much pressure by eating them.

The Personality of Android 21

The character of Android 21 is seriously unpredictable and on a tine, she becomes much caring and also full of sympathy. The other moment she becomes just like the Frieza and Cell. She was best known for the appearing in Enemy Arc storyline which tells about the care which she gives for Android 16.

As in the Story Arc of her own, she does care for real of him and also feels great for her actions towards him. The blame was not to be given to her, as she was a simple woman who has turned to the Android by the scientist who is mysterious and is still in conformation but mostly the same as Dr.Gero.

The imagination of her was also with that of her original name and what in actuality is her life is. She also doesn’t know why the Dr.Gero made the creation of her as the unique type of Android which is much different from the mecha types.

The good side of her was not much is known about the creator of her. To the Gero, she knows that he was an evil person with a lot of intelligence as also by discussing with him for a few reasons she feels like crying a lot. On the other side, the side of her as evil she knows about Gero to a greater extent, and also she cared a bit for him.

Why Use the Character of Android 21?

As the Android 21 character has much more exciting about her. She appears on the right side of the process of Android 31 as the other souls get succeeded but it is difficult to win from her. Android 21 loses much control over her own, and also when Krillin appears in saving 18, she lashes out and tries to feed on the Krillin.

Android 16

Due to such of the powerful features of her, you can easily get this by taking her as the character. In this Dragon Ball FighterZ, she is getting much popular due to her powerful and perfect appearance. The strong and best character which she has is all through which someone can get for the best appearance.

As it is shown that she only doesn’t know about any of the truth, which is also the story that everyone wants to know. Using this character will reveal much more about her and will also make the game full of much more interest.

Her evil as well as the good side shows how she easily manages her mood swings and the situation. The Android confrontation of her has shown the ridiculous action of her which is best to watch. The knowledge which has of Dr.Gero and the past she had with him. These are also the story which tells most of the things.

More About Android 21

Android 21 is the type of human earthling which was in conversion to the Android by the Dr.Gero. As being a human, she was the lover of Gero before and also had a son who afterward became the design of the model of Android 16.

By the time, the cells of various warriors who were much powerful and also the researchers of the intelligent mind were added with her. Android 21 afterward made the discussion about the fact that as per the technical resource, she was not ten years old but even younger than that.

She was built in the image of a woman of a human being who has the IQ of an adult. By the note, she feels that she missed the adolescence of her. Android 21 tells that she doesn’t even have any memory of her life as being a human.

As per this, the past of Android 21 is still untold. As she is the mother of Android 16, it is still not known that the conversion is done by Gero as she was dying. The other thing can be that she may have betrayed him after knowing his schemes.

The mysterious past of her makes her the known ones, but the complex characters in the given franchise as she is alone of the ones that have not to take the story arc out. The Android 21 has the side of evil which appears as the personality of sinister.

After all such routes of three, she gives the reveal of people who are suffering and also eating most of the villains as they both are hungry and sadism of pure one. The showcase was also done by her as her various traits of childish as when she laughs whenever pain comes to her.

Final Words

These were the various knowledge that gamers must have about the character of Android 21. Having her as the character will boost the power in playing the Dragon Ball FighterZ. Go through with this topic and tell us about it in the comment section. Also, go through with more of our topics.

Which version of Android is device number 21?

Android 21 was formerly a humanoid Earthling of the Human kind before being reprogrammed by Dr. Gero to become an android. She was the previous lover of Gero when she was a human, and she gave birth to a son who would later serve as the inspiration for the design of Android 16.

Is Android 21 a worthwhile point to make?

The only player who can beat Android 21’s neutral is Broly, who has the strongest neutral in the game. Android 21’s neutral is some of the finest in the game. Since it is now Broly’s property, 5s is a tremendously powerful neutral instrument that has the ability to eradicate all other ki blasts with the exception of those at the Broly level.

Is Android 21 a kid?

Android 21 admits to the player in a private conversation that despite the fact that she may have the look of an adult, she is really less than ten years old. She laments the fact that she did not experience an adolescence and finds it uncomfortable when little children call her “ma’am.”

Is Android 21 a boy or girl?

Android 21 is by a wide margin the most potent female Android that Dr. Gero has ever developed. Because her strength is so immense, even Android 16 acknowledges in the game that she is more powerful than he is and that her potential much beyond that of any cell that had ever existed.

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