How To Set up Voicemail in Android and iPhone

Set up voicemail: What is the situation when you want to send a voice message instead of a text? In that case, it is necessary to have voicemail sending knowledge by which you can easily send it to the other person. For that, here we have explained it for the devices of Android and iPhone. Firstly, we will go through with the information on voicemail and various features of it.

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is the kind of message in a voice that a person sends to someone at the time when they are either busy or absent or with any other conversation. At the moment, it is a necessary feature provided for the people by which they can easily access it for sending the voice messages to others in the requirement. This feature helps clear out the words within moments by just recording the voice and then sending it to set up voicemail.

Features of Voicemail

As voicemail is much similar to that of email. Just the difference s that in emails there are texts and in voicemails, there is voice instead of text. There are various features available in the voicemail that you can easily access set up voicemail. A few of them are listed below:-

  • Receiving of the voicemails from various people at the similar time.
  • Adding the voice along with the text to give an easy explanation.
  • Transferring and saving of the voice messages in the storage media that can be later sent to the email messages.
  • Providing greetings to various people.

How to Set Up Voicemail on Android Device

You can follow the below-given step by step instructions to set up voicemail on Android devices which includes tablets and smartphones running on Android OS set up voicemail.

Step 1

Firstly, open the app of Android phone. It appears like a phone receiver located on the downward side of the given home screen set up voicemail.


Step 2

Now press and hold the key of 1 on your given keyboard. If people are performing this for the first time in setting up the voicemail, then it will say the message of No voicemail number is stored on the card. If you press this number and you find your phone dialing the voicemail service, then the process is completed here only. Otherwise, follow the given steps to set up voicemail.


Step 3

Click on the Add number option given there set up voicemail.


Step 4

After that, click on the Service option. It is located as the first option in the given list.


Step 5

Go to the Your carrier option and select it.


Step 6

Tap the Setup option. You will now get the area that is labeled as Voicemail number which is not set.


Step 7

Now tap the Voicemail number option.

Step 8

Type there the phone number of yours and then tap the OK button. The voicemail can now be set up easily.


Step 9

Now go back to the phone app. Tap on the back button till you get the keypad. If it is not working, then click on the icon of Phone on the given home screen.

Step 10

Press and do the holding of 1 key on the given keyboard. It will now dial the voicemail.

Step 11

Now listen to it and go for the instructions for the completion of the required process. The other steps will be varied by the provider but you will be asked for the whole setup for the greeting of the outgoing, the configuration of the password, and the selection of playback settings.

For checking the voicemail any time, tap on the 1 key and hold it, or also you can tap on the voicemail notification shown on the given screen.

set up voicemail

How to Set up VoiceMail on iPhone & iPad

You can go through below given guides to know how you can step up voicemail on iOS devices including iPhone and iPad without having a hassle set up voicemail.

These some of the mobile network companies that offer voicemail features into iOS devices. Here we guided almost three mobile network companies voicemail setup process set up voicemail.

  1. Verizon
  2. T-Mobile
  3. AT&T

Use the guide, for which mobile carrier services are you using with the iPhone or iPad.

How To Set up Voicemail – Verizon

Use these steps to set up Verizon voicemail on your smartphone set up voicemail.


Step 1

Firstly, open the Phone app on your iPhone device. It appears as the icon of the white phone with the background of green color on the given home screen.

Step 2

Now tap on the Voicemail option. It is located at the downward side to the right corner of the given screen. If by tapping on the Voicemail makes a call, then the steps finish here only. Otherwise, proceed to further steps.

Step 3

After that, tap on the Set Up Now option. It will appear at the center of the given page. If this option is not visible on the screen, then the setup of voicemail is already done before on your iPhone device. You can then easily do the recording of the greeting by clicking on the Greeting located at the upward left side to the corner of the given screen.

Step 4

If the setup is not there, then the screen will show the new voicemail password option where you have to type a new password there. Make sure that the password must be about four to six digits long.

Step 5

Now tap on the Done option. It is located at the upward right side to the corner of the given screen.

Step 6

It will ask you to type the password again. It will now confirm your voicemail password.

Step 7

After that, tap on the Done option. It will access the completion of the voicemail password setup and will lead you to the page of voicemail greeting.

Step 8

Now tap on the Custom option for the recording of the greeting. It appears just near to the upward side of the given page. You can also go for the Default option for taking the voicemail greeting which is already there in your iPhone device.

Step 9

Then, tap on the Record option. It is located on the downward side of the right corner on the given screen.

Step 10

Now perform the recording of the voicemail message. Take a proper check that you are speaking properly.

Step 11

Select the Stop button. It is located near the record button.

Step 12

Tap the Save button. It appears on the upward side of the screen. Now you can easily tap the Play button which is located at the leftward corner for listening of the voicemail message which you are sending the person. Through the Cancel button, you can easily cancel the voicemail message which you don’t want to send.

How to Set up Voicemail – T-Mobile

If you’re using T-Mobile mobile network carrier smartphone, then use below given guides to setup voicemail on the T-Mobile network.

T Mobile Voicemail

1. Begin with opening the Phone app on your iPhone device. You can easily find it on the home screen.

2. Now tap on the keypad. It is the options located on the downward side of the given screen.

3. Then press and hold the 1 number. It will call the voicemail within a few moments.

4. Now type there the new password when space appears. It can be written in about four to six digits in length.

5. Save the name there when asked. It will apply the name of yours in the taken voice to the greeting of voicemail.

6. Then speak the greeting of voicemail when appeared on the screen.

7. After that, press the key of # and wait for the instructions of voicemail in telling you about the setting up of it.

8. Press the number of 1 and hold it for the checking of voicemail. It will ask you for the typing of the password for the hearing of any new voicemails.

How To Setup VoiceMail  – AT&T

You can go through these steps to set up new voicemail on your AT&T smartphone in 60 days of activation or it’ll be automatically discharged from your account.


1. Pick your phone and press “1” or Voicemail Key.

2. Choose the language preference to receive voicemail.

3. Produce a 7 to the 15-digit password of the voicemail account.

4. Choose your preferred greeting and Attend to the short voicemail tutorial.

Note: If you hang up before the tutorial finishes, it will play over again the next time you check voicemail.


This discussion was much information as a voicemail message is a necessity nowadays. Either you are busy in a meeting or having a serious class, voicemail is always the perfect way in explaining something. Tell us as a comment about it and also go through with our more topics.

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