What Does CC Mean in Email? Definition

In this article, I will tell you about what Cc is? Why do we use it? and when we use it? I will also discuss a little bit about Bcc and the difference between Cc and Bcc. At last, you will get the answers to some frequently asked questions about Cc and Bcc.

What Does CC Mean in Email?

You may have heard this term several times in both professional and unprofessional ways. Cc stands for carbon copy.

As it seems that it means, a carbon copy is an old term which we used back in the day. When we have to send the same written letters to more than one person. We had to use carbon between two pages to copy the same letter on the second page.

In the same way, we do it online via emails. When we have to send emails to more than one recipient using Cc. First, you choose “To” and then other recipients.

Why do we need Cc?

It is widely used in corporates and other fields of work. Where you have to manage a team. For example-: the boss has to inform all the employees of later plans. He can simply write an email to the team leader and using Cc, he can add other people who work under the leader. In this way, everyone will get the message.

When to use Cc?

Cc also differentiates the main person from the group because when you send Cc of an email to a group of people, it shows the first person you have sent that email to. You will see the name after “To” and other recipients after “Cc”.

For schools, it’s very beneficial to send an important email to a large number of students. You will get to see Cc at many different places.

Cc is used when you have to give general or common information to everyone. Cc is not used for sending private emails or some important information.

How to use Cc in Email?

  • First, you have to open a Gmail account.
  • Then Press on compose button.
  • You will see “To” and then add the main recipient.
  • Then press Cc to add further recipients.

You will also get to see another option besides Cc I.e. Bcc.

What is Bcc in Email?

Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. It is the same as Cc but it has some other features like it does not tells the recipients that they got a copy email. They will also not be able to see the other recipients, unlike Cc.

You can use Bcc when you don’t let other people know who is getting these emails. Bcc is used when you want to send the same email to two different individuals from different groups.

How to use Bcc?

You can use Bcc in the same way you use Cc. Press on the compose button choose a recipient for “To” and then press on Bcc to add other recipients.

Difference between Cc and Bcc

You use Cc when you have to show that it’s the information for the entire group and you want to make them feel that they are a part of this group. It creates some sense of unity in teams or organizations.

You use Bcc when you don’t want to show that they are the same as other people. You want to make them feel as if they are the only one who is getting that information.

FAQs Related to CC and BCC:

Do people get see email addresses of other recipients?

Yes, people get to see the email address of other recipients in Cc but not in Bcc that’s why Bcc stands for blind carbon copy.

How many persons I can add in Cc or Bcc in a single email?

Well it depends on the email service provider you are using, each provider (google, yahoo, Hotmail) has different limits to restrict the spammers.

Is it necessary to put an email address in “To”?

No, it’s not necessary to add an email address in “To” in both Cc and Bcc. You can send emails to everyone without prioritizing a single individual.

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