10 Best Scientific Calculators App

Nowadays the Scientific Calculator is a very useful Device For Solving the mathematical equation for all schools, colleges and University students. All Students have Smartphone so they don’t need for other Extra Calculators, You can easily Get a scientific calculator in your smartphones, If you want to install a Scientific calculator in your device so read this article carefully. We are telling you the best top 10 Scientific Calculator For your Android and iOS device, and you can easily get this Scientific calculator from Your Google Play store. Here, goes some of the Best Scientific Calculators App.

1. Panecal Scientific Calculator

Panecal Scientific Calculator App

Panecal is one of the best and free scientific calculator apps for android and iOS users used for work. it’s a useful app for engineers and science students so that you’ll easily use this app in several engineering measurements and solving equations. it’s inbuilt copy and paste option and also shows you different formulas to use. you’ll also calculate inverse trigonometric functions, binary numbers, power root functions etc.

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2. iCalc: General Calculator

Scientific Calculator Classic

Classic Calculator may be a fully working emulator of the Casio calculator which allows you to try all basic and advanced mathematical processes on your smartphone. You can easily calculate tax, percentage, square root and other operations Function on this app. it’s free and simple to use the app for both Android and iOS users with enhanced features to use. This app is most useful for top school and college students for various calculations.

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3. EduCalc Classic

Graphing Calculator App

This is a graphing calculator that may be a convincing and extensible scientific calculator app for android and iOS users. It allows you to solve different arithmetic functions and exponentiation on your smartphone for free of cost. you’ll also get square root, cube root, nth root, natural log, log base 10 and other for free using this app. Alongside these, it’s a powerful function that allows you to get a different graph for various mathematical functions.

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4. Natural Scientific Calculator

Natural Scientific Calculator App

A natural scientific calculator is additionally known as NSC and developed Stultus Studios Pty Ltd for Android and iOS. It helps you to simply solve different mathematical and scientific calculation operation on your mobile. you’ll easily write an equation on this app as you write on a paper and easily solve it in less period of time. It supports all trigonometric functions as sin, cos, tan, log, mixed, improper fractions etc.

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5. Kalkulilo (Calculator)

Kalkulilo Calculator App

Kalkulilo is also a traditional scientific calculator app for iOS users. it’s an expert calculator app that offers several different modes for scientific calculation. it’s a large multi-lined display that allows you to simply solve long equations with different font style options. you’ll easily do all basic, complex and advance mathematical and scientific operations on this calculator app. one of the simplest features of this app is to provide the option to do logical operations like AND, OR, XOR, >> and others. In simple words its an Best Scientific Calculators App in our list.

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6. Smart Calculator


SmartCalc a most beautiful and attractive calculator app for both android and iOS users which allows you to get helpful calculations as you type. it’s also an option to get access to your calculation history on your smartphone. Like a natural scientific calculator it also supports all mathematical functions as sin, cos, tan, abs, exp, ln, ^, sqrt et al. alongside these it also allows you to plot a graph for various functions and also share it in image format.

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7. ClevCalc

All-In-One Calculator

ClevCalc a clean interface calculator app which supports the 4 fundamental arithmetic function.  you’ll easily use any of them consistent with your interest. one of the best features of this app is to allows the unit converter in order that you’ll easily convert different units on your smartphone. alongside these, it also allows you to currency converter in order that you’ll convert 117 currencies within the world using this app.

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8. All In One Calculator

All-In-One Calculator

One calculator may be a complete calculator app for android and iOS users with all mathematical operations. it’s an amazing option to see previous calculations so that you’ll easily see your previous calculation history. It contains 75 calculators and unit converters with over 40 different themes. alongside these, it’s also an option of currency converter in order that you’ll convert 160 currencies offline.

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9. MyScript Calculator

Best Calculator App

This calculator is another useful scientific calculator apps developed by MyScript for android and iOS. it’s simple and easy to use app which is used to write the mathematical expression on your smartphone. you’ll easily solve all basic operations and also advanced mathematical functions as powers, roots, exponentials et al. on your smartphone using this app. it’s the option of both free also as paid with different features to use.

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10. Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator a new and most popular scientific calculator apps developed by DigitAlchemy LLC for both android and iOS users. it’s a top-rated free scientific calculator app that allows you to try all basic and advance calculations on your smartphone. It helps you to easily do fraction operation on your smartphone and the result gets automatically reduced in simplest in order that you’ll easily get it and understand. Its one of the best Best Scientific Calculators App to use.

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