How to Activate iPhone Verizon – Step by Step Guide

Wondering how to activate the Verizon on iPhone? You will get the whole procedure on this page. Here we discuss the whole information and procedure for it.

Activation of Verizon in iPhone

The activation of Verizon in the iPhone is a simple and easy way. Verizon is the telecommunications company offering the products of wireless along with its services to the customers. They have more than millions of subscribers worldwide.

The best performance of them in providing a 4G network is of great service for all. They are now even for giving the trial in 5G wireless networks too. Such technological advancements are going to be a great development for everyone.

They also offer many applications which are best for the use by the subscribers. The app of My Verizon is of perfect reach for the managing of the accounts by providing many features too.

How to Activate iPhone Verizon – Step by Step Guide

Now, let’s move on to the procedure of the activating of Verizon on the iPhone. Follow the below-given step by step guide to know how you can easily activate the new Version iPhone without having a hassle.

How to get the activation of Verizon on the iPhone?


Step 1

Begin with the turning of the iPhone, if you find it in the off position. Click on the power button on your iPhone’s screen and then slide it to turn the power on. It is visible on the upward side of the screen. Swipe it to the right side to unlock your phone. Make sure that you have connected the SIM card of Verizon in your iPhone device.

Step 2

Now we have to do the backing up of the information from the old iPhone. It will include the settings, contacts, and all other data on it. It will depend on the type of device you are using. As, in the iPhone, iTunes or iCloud are used for the backing up of the information of the device. After the activation of your iPhone, It becomes easy to back up the required information.

Step 3

It is much easier if you have Verizon Cloud on your iPhone. After that, the restoring of it can also be done from the app of Verizon Cloud.

Step 4

Now, turn off the older iPhone. It is necessary to turn off the older phone to let Verizon connect to our current device. Wait for a while to let it connect on your phone.

Step 5

Now turn on the iPhone device. Click on the power button and hold it for few seconds. Till the logo of Apple occurs on the screen. After that, release the button and let the iPhone started. The screen will say hello in various languages when the starting gets finished on your iPhone. Attach the iPhone to the charger also to get the best use of it.

Step 6

After that, click on the get started option. It is visible on the downward side of the screen. It will start the process of setup on your iPhone.

Step 7

Go to the selection of the language along with the region. Click on the language which you want to access and then choose the region of yours.

Step 8

On the page of the network do the selection of the cellular connection option. It will enable the iPhone for connecting to the LTE network of Verizon. If there is no cellular connection, then go for the connection of the wi-fi network. Or in other cases, you have to go for the iTunes app on your iPhone for the activation completion.

Step 9

Get the other options available on your screen for the setting up of your iPhone. As you will come to the home screen, the setup process will then be completed. Now you can restore your phone from iCloud from backing up the old iPhone.

To be Noted

If the user has the backup up of the old iPhone in the iCloud, then the restoring of the backup can be done with the few steps mentioned above of the activation of the iPhone.

Perform the upper mentioned steps with utmost care. The ignorance of any step may occur as the absence of backup in the device.

Wrapping Up

I hope this has brought you much knowledge and understanding about the activation of Verizon on the iPhone. Also, give us feedback in the comment section below. Get the reading of other topics also for more info and don’t forget to share words activate iPhone Verizon without hassle.

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