How to Transfer and Install PUBG in Android

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is the top game for android right now. It’s a top game and top games with a bigger size. So I will explain how you can transfer and install PUBG in Android. There isn’t a single soul in the world who hasn’t heard about this game. It is a unique game in the all-new battle royal genre. Moreover, it is one of the first games in this genre. Hundred players on an island map fight for survival. This is something that ticked all the gamers. Everyone was kind of looking for a new kind of game. Therefore, PUBG gave us what we were looking for.

The idea of this game genre came from a Japanese movie. In the early days, it was only a mode for ARMA 2. Everyone liked it and wanted a different game within this genre. This one of the reasons this game become so popular. Now, this game is one of the most played games in the world. Millions of players play this game every day.

Why is this game becoming so heavy?

PUBG is a popular game for PC. That’s why this game was ported for Mobile devices. It is also available for android and IOS. Initially, this wasn’t very heavy or space-hungry. However, with time its size started to go, and why not. There are four different maps. Only one map Miramar is 450 MB in size. This a total size of some battle royal games for android. Most people don’t know but the map erangle is 328 MB in size. Moreover, there are a ton of skins and other stuff. It is about 1.8GB for android until this date. Now you know this game is a monster in size for mobile devices. For PC, it’s a story of another level. However, we are here for PUBG mobile so we will stick with it.

Those who don’t have PUBG Now might have an idea about its size. Besides, Who plays it knows how hustling it is to update this game. But not anymore. In this article, I will explain how to transfer and install PUBG mobile. So sit back and relax, your hustling comes to end today.

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How to Transfer and Install PUBG Mobile in Android

Some people might know how to do it. However, there are a fair number of people who don’t know about it. So follow this article to transfer and install PUBG in your android device.

How to Transfer PUBG Mobile

Transferring PUBG mobile is not that big of a deal. We all have that one friend who gets the update first handed. Or, you and friends together burn mobile data to download PUBG. So find someone who has the game and follow these steps.

  • First, you will need a file transfer app like share it.
  • Open click send who is the sender and click receive who is receiving.

For sender

  • Now go to the Apps tab and click the PUBG mobile.
  • Then, click on the File tab.
  • Go to phone storage>Android>Obb
  • Here you will find the folder com.tencent.ig.
  • Select this folder and send the file.
  • Wait for the file to transfer.
  • Done, you are all good to install PUBG now.

Before going to installation.

Share it has a new feature, which automatically selects the obb file. If you are using share it then you don’t need to select obb file. Just select the apk file and the obb file will be sent automatically. I don’t prefer this method. This isn’t full proof and doesn’t work every time. So go with the manual method.

How to install PUBG in Android after transfer

After receiving PUBG from another device, it’s easy to install PUBG. Just follow these steps and you are good to go. If you are using share it then you just need to

Clean install PUBG

  • For a clean install, uninstall the previous version of PUBG.
  • Then go to the Obb file you just received (com.tencent.ig).
  • Copy it to Android>obb.
  • Now install the apk file and done.

Install PUBG without uninstalling

For this,

  • Go android>obb.
  • Delete folder named com.tencent.ig.
  • Now copy the folder with the same name you received.
  • And paste it here android>obb.
  • Now install the apk file.

All done, PUBG is now installed.


This is it, you have now successfully installed PUBG in the mobile. PUBG is a heavy game,. and might be difficult for some to download. So if it is your problem then this article is here for the rescue. Now go ahead and install the game using this method. Thanks for reading how you can transfer and install PUBG in Android guide.

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