How to Unlock a Sprint Phone For Free

How you can unlock Sprint Phone of yours. Basically, the SIM Card unlocking is basically the allowance of your device’s SIM slot for another carrier’s sim to enter either domestic international.

How to Unlock a Sprint Phone For Free

Now to unlock your Sprint phone, you do have several ways. Here we listed some of the methods from which you can unlock sprint phone of yours without having an extra hassle.

Method 1: Take Help of Local Phone Shop To Unlock Phone

Now first is you can take your phone to a local phone shop where you gotta may leave your phone with the shop keeper which is not very reliable like just to unlock sprint phone yours.

Method 2: Contact Mobile Carrier To Unlock

The second way is to contact your carrier and try and unlock your phone which works but is not very convenient all the time.

Method 3: Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account

The third and the best and the most reliable method which has been used multiple times, which you can do yourself with very minimal stuff that is a computer, a cell phone and you need a SIM card. That is all you will need to unlock your phone.

Also this way your phone won’t suffer any damages, neither your warranty will be voided. This method is 100% legal and you might have to wait for a few minutes, hours, or days but this one is 100% accurate.

Step 1:

Take your phone (it works for every brand) and you gotta take its IMEI number, for that take up your phone and dial ‘*#06#’, now as you will see on your screen, you will get your 15 digit IMEI number, which is a unique number for every phone through which you’re gonna unlock sprint phone.

Step 2:

Keep the number super close as it is quite important. Now the rest of the process is gonna take place on the computer.

Step 3:

You will get an email with your lock code, the mail would say your lock code is ready and that mail comes with instructions on how to enter that lock code and that is what you gotta follow.

Step 4:

You basically gotta enter that unlock code into the phone.

You just gotta power off your device, once your phone is off you gotta insert a non supported SIM card, one from a different carrier.

Step 5:

Use the sim card from that carrier, basically which is not your original carrier and now go on and switch your phone on.

Step 6:

Its gonna take a few seconds and then it’ll prompt you to enter that code you got on your email. One code will work for one specific phone and it is calculated based on your IMEI number.

Step 7:

You gotta enter the Sprint Phone unlock code, you get only ten attempts so in case you get it incorrect you can contact them and they will send you further instructions.

Step 8:

Once you fill in you unlock code, then just hit on ‘ok’ and if your code gets accepted, your phone will be fully factory unlocked and reset with your new carrier.

That is all you gotta do to unlock your sprint phone. This process is way too easy and is 100% accurate. All you gotta do is work up with patience and enter the unlock code very carefully as you get only 10 attempts.

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